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30 tips for those who build their business ...

So, what does it take to become wealthy?

1. Passionately want to become rich.

2. Set a goal - to get rich.

3. Acquire traits of a rich man.

4. Become SMART (see the article How to become smarter?): Intuition, creativity, logic and knowledge.

5. Do only that which leads to the goal, not to dissipate.
6. Thinking systemically: take into account all important factors.

Be a dynamic / labile / mobile.

(Incidentally, you can immediately apply each item to themselves. If anythingis missing, take on a note, put in the creation of these properties in themselves or find ways to create!)
8. The nature of the winner - when failures do not fall from his hands, and there is much greater hazard.

9. Try to talk to rich people.
10. Even a good business idea does not bring money, if not

realizuesh WELL.

11. Make business simple scheme, where there is nothing to break, otherwise will not work!
12. If there is no start-up capital and you do not trust him, the problem is - in your thinking. Master the mindset of a rich man, rich people will feel it and you will entrust capital.

13. There is a business idea? Immediately distribute the model at a Glance: steps to implementation, costs and revenues. It will take an hour, will give a lot of valuable understanding.
14. It did not work - does not mean that more does not work, work - does not mean that further work.

15. No offers, interesting to all, even if you give away a million dollars for free. :) Focus on those to whom your proposal might be interested.
16. 80% are the benefits of 20% effort, and the remaining 20% ??are the benefits of the remaining 80% effort. Poor are often very effective!

17. Where can I avoid work - avoid to make time for more value. Ideal - everything happens by itself. Go in only the most important.
18. If the problem can not not do soizmerte is longer: the transfer and control the slave result, or do it yourself.

19. Do not think on a "yes or no", distinguish the shades!
20. For rapid growth you definitely need a good intuition.

21. If you are just starting out, select the project, which will return no more than 2 months, and will bring it further and bring.
22. If you do something does not want - often means that you do this and do not, (Intuitively, this ineffective!).

23. Plan your writing - every day and in the future, mark task priorities.
24. Big-big money grow where something valuable is for many, many times.

25. Mission leader - quality WANT: that is all to life.
26. "I'd better get 100 in one dollar from the work of others than one time $ 100 for their work." - J. Paul Getty, the American billionaire.

27. Need: "PRIDUMCHIVOST" - the ability to invent new and unusual problems to solve, and the system - the ability to perceive complex object management in all its details, relationships and dynamics.
28. Move the money can be on the surface (to switch between projects) and depth (focus on one project). The most effective - consciously control the movement of the length and depth.

29. Before you realize, learn opinion of The realism of your business model (see paragraph 13) a number of successful and experienced business people, preferably working in this field.
30. Efforts came to nothing lead, but without them nothing happens. You invest 100 burns 10, and pays for everything.

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