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What if you had stolen a mobile phone?

It is sad, but cases of theft of mobile phones are growing exponentially, sometimes even surpassing their sales figures. Terminal can steal just about anywhere, but the most dangerous places are crowded, such as concerts in the squares. Public transport is also an ideal place for illegal change of ownership cellular telephone.

The main thing is that the victim did not feel attacked - schemes in which criminals operate, debugged very well. In addition, it also happens that the man himself givesthe phone in the hands of fraudsters - are already talking about the theft as a crime is not necessary. This article will discuss what to do if you have stolen (note this word) CellPhones. Write that we should be careful to hold the device in the "hard" places, we do not - this is obvious. But tell you about what should be done once a victim of thieves.

Step 1

Discovering that you have stolen the phone, the first thing you need to contact the police. However, if you asked the Department of Internal Affairs in the community, then your application will be submitted to the department at the place of theft. This process will take some time, and in addition, such a statement generally can not be considered. In this regard recommend you write a statement of the place of theft - in this case, the chances that the phone is found, much more.

Step 2

Forming a statement about the loss of mobile, you should consider several important points. Thus, under the new law, the theft of property whose value does not exceed 456 USD, is not a criminal but an administrative offense, because if you say that the price of cellular telephone is less than this amount, you fail to initiate criminal proceedings. However, it must be remembered that the investigator may apply to the mobile shop to specify the cost of this device, where it will be given information about it at the time of the request. This means that if you bought the phone for 1000 USD a year ago, and now he has fallen in price to 600 USD, the police officer will be named after the last digit. Further, in a form which you get from duty, be sure to specify that the phone is stolen. If you, on the advice of police officers taking the statement, write that the device was lost under mysterious circumstances, you give up in a criminal case.

Step 3

Having made a statement, be sure to find the registration number of the officer on duty. Then, call a few days to the Department of Internal Affairs, you will be able to call him and clarify which of the investigators assigned the case. Police must consider the application within ten days. Note also that recourse to the police department, is desirable to have the terminal and the IMEI number of the card. To get the IMEI, you need to enter on his cellular telephone combination * # 06 #. After this, you will see a 15-digit code. We suggest to rewrite it and carry with them, for example in the wallet. Of course, IMEI-code is on the phone box, but keep in mind that "gray" of the device (if you have had such) are often delivered not in "native" box, so the IMEI of the terminal and on the package may not be the same. Knowing the IMEI-code, you can apply for the theft of cellular telephone immediately after his disappearance. The card number is written on the most "Sims" (not to be confused with a telephone number assigned to SIM-card!) And may contain from 14 to 20 digits. Its also better to write and carry. That's all the responsibilities of citizenship involuntarily part with his "mobile other" end. Takes over the police!

Step 4

After the call to the police station to find out what the investigator assigned the case, it is better to pay a visit to the site and ask how things are going to find it. By law, the investigator should handle the markets and check poduchetny contingent. Police also have the right to request a printout of calls to the mobile operator (though to get it to the appellate court).

All that we have listed above applies only to find a mobile phone. If the subscriber number, which was in the office at the time of theft, dear to you and you do not want to lose it, will need to contact your carrier to request to restore the room. Contract subscribers it is enough to come up with a passport to any branch to work with the subscribers and send a request. The cost of this service is operator-dependent, but in no case exceed 50 USD. If you pre-paid subscriber, then this procedure is more complicated. To determine if your number is or not, you will be asked to name a few of dialed numbers, and approximate balance in the account. In the case of a correct answer you will be given a new SIM-card with the old number. Chances to find your old "Simka" minimal, as thieves, as a rule, immediately throw it, because it can be to track down the location of the caller.

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