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Potential wealth

1. Want to get rich. Regularly concentrate on its intention to create wealth ... And you will want to move on, to the exploits
2. Themselves to a goal, to get rich. To weigh his every aspect of life, every action of his purpose - whether it is her best if fit, or better do something more substantial.
3. Potential wealth, above all - not in the bank, and in man. A person must comply with the type of personality that the market demands of growing rich people and should behave as the market demands.
4.Become clever. This is a necessary condition but not sufficient. Most of the people getting rich - clever, though not all the smart people - the wealthy ..
6. Narrow path to riches. Do not think that there is only one or a few issues which should decide - will become rich. To become rich, you need to take into account many factors, and if something is not uchtesh - in one way or another drop.
7. Be dynamic and mobile. Sensitive to smell the wind and catch all the different possibilities. Do not cling to the old, if it is more profitable to quit if a new - and much better actually.
8. "Success - the ability to go from one failure to another with growing enthusiasm." - Winston Churchill. Reinforced confidence in achieving success, sooner or later, infinite persistence, the ability to hit long at one point (although from different sides). The difference between a successful entrepreneur from a failure: fail, failures, losses and misfortunes, both about the same. But failure after failure, or multiple discouraged, and after each successful failure analyzes the error and starts anew, taking into account past experience.
9. Trying to communicate with rich people, make personal contacts. They - the source and the right mindset (communicating, you will learn from their unconscious imitation, and watch and learn from their general behavior consciously), and valuable business opportunities opening up.
10. Virtually impossible without a great business business ideas (ideas). But each is the best business idea can give nothing, depending on performance.
11. When assess a business idea or business model, keep in mind the law Stokmayera (a la Murphy): if something seems simple, so it is difficult, if difficult - it is impracticable. do not lay in the system is initially too much complexity, it will not work.
13. If there is a very attractive business idea, just think for the basic steps that are necessary for its implementation and roughly sketch out the costs and revenues, which in your opinion (try to be realistic) can be obtained from the implementation of this idea on the plan.
15. Marketing wisdom: there is (almost) of the proposal, which would be interesting to all. Even the suggestion of $ 1 million for free will only a certain category of interested consumers, and will definitely be those who will be interested.
18. Dialectics of doing and not-doing. When sending jobs to another person sometimes qualitatively explain the job and person to monitor the results will take more time than do the job yourself, and sometimes vice versa. Weighed.
21.Tratte time conceptually. Think of more things, but do only those that generate enough money fast return and continue to bring it and bring this time without your intervention.
23. Planning. The vast majority of business people who have made significant progress, daily planning time. Planning for 10-20 minutes. per day will pay for itself entirely due to higher performance later in the day.
24. How to distinguish a place where there are a lot of money? Big money is mostly associated with a systematic set of results of work of a large number of people malooplachivachivaemyh (such as in the production of goods), or the results of low-paying jobs that can be used multiple times, each time a profit (for example, how to write a book and a share of sales, or sales in software or in the financial sector). The key word here ... a lot
27. Two qualities that are important for the business: creativity (the ability to invent new solutions and problems) and systematic (the ability to see the controlled complex in detail, and dynamics of relationships, not one-sided).
28. Move the money in two ways: on the surface and vglub.Mobilny people can quickly move from one subject that looks promising, and to another in a relatively short period of time to find one that actually brings good dengi.Talantlivy person can take one subject and relatively quickly to work deep into her, becoming her assom, thereby making money above average.
29. If you have a business idea, before embarking on is very useful to make a simple prikidochny business plan and show it to more accomplished and experienced financial and business people.
32. A successful business is to continuously improve its system of state income - no matter of personal time to controlling a large corporation. However, it is not necessary to optimize all that catches your eye.
34. Useful decision rule: invest time and money in the main there, from whence comes income.
39.Ekonomiya - another resource. You should not save everything. Save to systematically: only then, and to the extent that does not lead to the loss of something else through another channel.
45. Silence - gold. To be able to speak well, have to be able to be eloquent and convincing it is necessary, but apply it only when justified, either by dealing with people, which depends on your wealth, or at public appearances. In all other cases - conciseness.
46. If the business is not the main reason - bad management, including strategic. People related to bad luck and lack of external opportunities for the most part telling the whole story or wrong. The law - the internal factor and external only provide fluctuations.
55. Wealthy to be a bore. Tediousness - is the ability not to feel bored by details, ugly, and many attempts.
57. Wealth - is a pyramid. At the top of most of those who optimize all, he knows or feels, and most follow all the principles that contribute to success. To earn at least some money, not necessarily to optimize all, but the results will be significantly huzhe.Kak develop intuition in business. You need to look at the good and bad decisions, their own and others, and try to remember what a feeling when you experience this.
61. When offered something millionaire is likely he will refuse. Why? Because the millionaire is very sensitive to everything is negative. "If there is at least one hole, which can ooze money, they will necessarily flow out there." And that suggest that in most cases, there is something negative. Millionaire property has mercilessly kill all the bad options at all, significantly, on CD. As ..
63. Wisdom of marketing: do not sell a thing and the positive emotions and the benefits it can bring to the owner.
66. How to distinguish good sense of the real idea of ??the unreal? The idea that there is a feeling of elation is likely unrealistic, or at best unrealistic at the moment, ie prezhdevremenna.Ot real good idea to remain a little boring, fairly neutral or moderately positive feeling.
68. Money, especially large ones, there is usually no one, even brilliant ideas, but from a number of very good ideas, different scales used in the same direction.
73. What should be the approach to business: if all you did turned into ashes, ashes, use as fertilizer for flowers, and flowers sell.
75. If the idea seems perfect, it does not mean that there are no flaws, it means that you do not see them.
81. Make an beneficial terms. Agreement - this is a huge resource. The agreements (both oral and written) may occur very "unbalanced" conditions and to defend them - due to the fact that you have a resource, interesting for the other side. Based on the availability of the resource, you can bargain for a very favorable (there is a concept bargaining power - bargaining leverage, ie the presence of resource commitment on the other hand, allows to extract concessions).
84. The concreteness of thinking. Business must specifically myshlenie.T.e. you need to plan their actions and at the same time thinking about how to achieve the goal in terms of not (only) abstract but close to reality and to specific objects and people.
85. Optimize all vazhnoe.Esli your business is at the crossroads of a number of sets (for example, many potential employees, products, markets, partners, etc.), then select from each set of the best, as a rule, do not be satisfied with the first got.
90. Partners choose the paranoid. Look closely at their business partners. If you think this person, working alone, would have earned significantly less than you, if you will work independently, with it you should not work. Good partners - is the capital. Work with people who are better than you. Even if it's an old friend, you can maintain friendly relations, but to break the business, if you are a bad person to be a partner.
92. Learn how to make money "out of thin air." Almost all the millionaires are able to make money out of nothing, otherwise they would not have become millionaires. At the initial stage of the business do not put money and effort into projects that generate less than 500% per annum on a conservative calculation based on realistic input data. If you do not come to the idea of ??such businesses, then you must first puzzled by this problem and look for ideas. And having found the idea of ??carefully optimized to improve even in theory, bringing it to the point of profitability. If not - find another idea and try to optimize it. Without this, even count on a successful business.
100. How many of those interested will buy it? If you have ads and contacted 10 people and they say that may be interested to buy (in this case know the price), will buy about 1. However, this figure may in special cases, vary from 3 to 20 and depends on the scope and quality of sales support. Strange, but this estimate is almost any kind of business. When the business model calculates for a completely new business, you can navigate to it.
103. Sale of information - a great business. It brings a very significant profit. Take, for example Microsoft. The reason - a very cheap copy information. Ie being a once produced, it can be profitable again and again, as a result of margin can be 1700%.
The advantage of the old 113. Try to make the most of what is already there, you and others, when you create something new. As a rule, it reduces risk and increases profits. If it is not you and others - can agree on the use of mutually beneficial terms.
114. Delegate and control. Foliate the task of managing the fact that it is necessary to make sure you personally and what might make someone else.
115. Demographic features of the selection of staff. to the question of selection personala.Dopuskayu that in principle there are people under the age of the male 23 years old who are able to work reliably, without creating problems for the employer, but I have never seen such. The girls in this area - people are much more reliable, beginning at age 18.
118. Be professional. To succeed in a certain direction, often need to become a professional. What is different from the pro or amateur beginner? He knows most of the connections and patterns significantly affect the outcome of this activity.
138. Choose your business on mental abilities. Mental ability - is that we laid in nature and something with which we were lucky or unlucky in the education and training in the family.
140. Duplicate. suppliers, customers and other entities that affect the functioning of your business must be at least two different (if you just do not have special considerations in this regard in a particular case). Almost no one on the market has extremely high reliability, so that your business has not ceased to function as one of the subjects stopped doing what he did for any reason, you should always have someone on the left.
157. Attention to detalyam.Veroyatnost success and effectiveness of your business, sadly, often depend on small, imperceptible at first glance parts that are not emotionally meaningful. If you look at "naked eye" the feeling "you will think, what garbage!". as if to count more carefully, it turns out that from this garbage affects your profit by 20%, for example.
161. To protect themselves from competitors in the absence of know-how, you can get through the temporary advantages: if you start early, and competitors know about you but at some point when you've gone far enough, you have to cr. least several months while the competitors will gain momentum to get the excess and take steps to preserve the lead.
166. To die, to survive. In our fast-changing time is not enough to live my life once. Every few years it may be useful to give up everything, erase their history (or rather, send it to the archive) and start all over again, better - as you already now, with the position of this experience, learned how to do it.
170. Transform ideas. If you have a brilliant business idea, you have tried it and it turned out badly or not work, instead of it all refuse, analyze the causes of failure and consider how they can be eliminated.
178. Boldness of thought. You know that you can miss a super opportunity, simply because I did not bother to a) want the maximum b) review the emerging opportunity to do this? You habitually gun away at anything that even slightly resembles a huge profit, because acting on a "too good to be true."
183. Business - it's not serious, change all of that does not like. Go to the vector of profit, change in your business all that was found to perform poorly or not produced the expected result, if you have thoughts like this to improve. If you've spent 10 years creating something, and it turned out that the same can be done much faster and easier, throw what you did (previously thought as to whether there is something more useful to inherit before dropping) and take new.
211. The best ideas come in three places: in the bed, bath and bus (bed, bath, bus). (C) Dr. B. Banzai, an American physicist.
227. Operate only the business concept, with clearly defined borders. To succeed, you need to perfectly represent not only what your business is, but what is not. Most often, giving the REAL profit concept - narrowly focused, niche.
246. If your business is essential people, think about what would happen if they leave.
248. There are no losers - there are people who give up too quickly. Nothing in the world is no substitute for persistence. Do not replace the talent - there is nothing ordinary talent loser. Do not replace a genius - the unrecognized genius is almost proverbial. Do not replace education - the world is full of educated golodrantsev. Omnipotent but persistence and determination.
255. If you live there, where it is difficult to make money, you can: 1) move 2) to conduct business with other regions and countries 3) to conduct business over the Internet.
264. Hire and people smarter than you. It's just intelligent systems with speech interfaces that perform in your business specific tasks. Although they are more complex internally, with t.zr. management, they function much like other people, only more delicate with them.
296. Before you hire employees, think well, is it possible to improve the business model so that employees are not required. Employees - are always a lot of new problems and bottlenecks, and if so to take these issues, we take care of high returns.
311. Principle to make a 1.5-2 times higher: DO TODAY! Ie when did the idea or opportunity, it is often better to implement immediately even if you later will be slightly better conditions.
338. Do not criticize new people with whom relations are important, if not taken special measures to preserve the relationship (such as wages), or if you're convinced that people comfortable with the criticism. Criticisms do delicate and benevolent. Otherwise, contact can be destroyed.
368. Hits mistake entrepreneurs: try to do everything myself. Especially when I tried to delegate authority and did hard time. This means that the delegate should be competent, rather than delegate that is not necessary. Give to make others - another way of strategic growth there.
389. How to choose the topics of business. Oriented like that to begin with because What do not like it - usually not be effective. And then even within the framework of that love - you think it is more efficient in terms of money and come up with various schemes.
448. If there is a great idea to implement it in the next few years, or more likely you are implementing it at all. Over time, it will depreciate, or forgotten, or the right conditions for the implementation for you and will not come.

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