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Rating exotic bank deposits

Bank deposits like everything. And the income derived from them fixed, and the amount paid in the event of bank failure is guaranteed up to 50 ths. So that almost nothing can disturb sleep investor - no reports of a change of government, nor the mortgage crisis in the U.S. or the fall of stock indices. :) But if all bank deposits we have studied? Presumably, no.

For example, some of them reaches 30% of income per year! And how many people know about it? Unit. To remedy the situation. "Money"for the first time in Ukraine prepared list of the most exotic of bank deposits: multicurrency, in precious metals, in rubles, and the Swiss franc, as well as an advance payment of interest. True, we draw the reader's attention that in some cases, the risks of such investments is still more important than in an ordinary bank deposits in the national currency or foreign currency.

When work is over rated exotic deposits has just begun, "Money" were full of optimism

. You bet! After about alternative contributions written little, and during the currency fluctuations and rising prices for gold, they can be very interesting to any investor who wants to earn or to diversify risks.

So we were pleased to open our readers of new investment opportunities and find out every last detail. But to the extent that, as increasing numbers of those surveyed bankers, thawed and our enthusiasm.

Alas, not so many alternatives to conventional deposits offered by banks to their customers. (We have identified only four of the "alternative" deposits - metal accounts, deposits in rare currency (the Russian ruble, the Swiss franc), multi-currency deposits and deposits with an advance payment of interest.

It is particularly disappointing paucity of choice of conditions in each of these groups. For example, deposits in rubles offer only two banks, as well as deposits in francs. But what are the "rules of the game," suggested to us by banks. And yet, even at this bezrybe we found something to make money. :)

You are our gold!

Just how profitable are now investing in gold, "Money" written repeatedly. Therefore, we will not be repeated, describing the benefits of "metal" deposits. We will only say that the net income this year they outdid hryvnia deposits. Only the price of gold per year increased by more than 27%, and yet this must be added another, and 1 - 2% return on the deposit. Not bad, eh?

What pleased us, "gold" deposits, so that a variety of offers! Find banks offering a deposit of gold, it was easy enough. On the other hand, banks are healthy rate of return varies depending on the size of the deposit. Therefore, we even had to share the "metallic" deposits on three separate groups - is the minimum deposit (from 50 - 100 g, 500 g and 1000 g), and we reytingovali them, respectively, separately, but with the preservation of common principles .

With the largest weight, we take into account the rate of return, ie, interest and penalty rates and the "availability" of the deposit - in the sense that the minimum contribution. Also, take into account the existence of possible replenishment of the deposit, the ability to bring to the bank "their" gold, and the number of service points, where the contribution can be opened.

Yield "metal" deposits varies within 1 - 5% per annum. In addition to the size of the contribution, profitability depends on its duration. The most viable are the contributions for a year or more (from 2% to 5%). It is noteworthy that the rate of annual, biennial, and eighteen months deposits at most banks do not differ. It is possible to open a "metallic" and a deposit for a shorter period, say, half a year. These deposits offer VAB-Bank, Imex bank, "Finance and Credit" Kreditprombank. But do not count on receiving more than 2% per annum.

A chance to recharge - a rare phenomenon for the "gold" deposits. Allowed to replenish these deposits only Ukreximbank, Ukrsotsbank, Imex Bank and SCB "Dnister". The minimum recharge amount is 50 - 100 grams of metal. Only "Ukrsots" democratically ready to enroll dovlozhenie of 1 g.

Prematurely withdraw money from the "metallic" contribution is not recommended. Penalties are very severe. Some banks, for example, Imex bank, Ukrsotsbank Brokbusinessbank Transbank and completely refuse to pay the accrued interest for early withdrawal of deposits. (The average penalty rate is 0.1 - 0, 25% per annum. The most democratic, diversified punitive rates - at TAS-Commerzbank, CSC "Dnister" and "Ukrainian Professional Bank".

Rare bird

Worst situation with multi-currency deposits and deposits in a few currencies. Unfortunately, we were able to find only a few banks that offer deposits of this type. So honestly admit that the rating on these types of deposits has not turned out. How can you reytingovat two or three of the bank? : (

Despite the fact that loans in Swiss francs were quite common, open a deposit at this remarkably stable currency can be only two banks - Ukreximbank and "OTP Bank." Their proposals do not differ - 4.5% per annum on the annual deposit. The size of the minimum contribution from the two banks of 500 units of currency. Open a deposit and can not in every department, will likely have to go to the head office.

Ruble deposits also offer just two of the bank - "Forum" and Oschadbank. Moreover, these two conditions differ greatly. If the "Forum" is willing to pay 9% per annum for his contribution to 12 months, "Oschad" modestly limited to 3%. The bank "Forum" also allows you to replenish the ruble contribution to that "dinosaur Ukrainian banking sector" strongly disagree. Incidentally, when the correspondent of "Money" recognize the contributions of Oshchadbank, he in not a very correct manner asked why he did. :)

Starting to gather information about the multi-inputs, we faced a problem of terminology. Each bank is meant by "multi-currency deposit" something different. For example, the bank "Nadra" opens at the same time three deposit accounts for the enrollment of different currencies. A UkrGasBank offers dual currency account (hryvnia / dollar.) Value for money pre-negotiated introduced the hryvnia to the dollar - as 5:1. Because at this stage the bank smooths exchange rate differences, the rate of both currencies have one - 13% per annum. But we selected only those multi-currency deposits, which allow the term of the agreement to transfer the deposit from one currency to another.

These deposits offer just three banks: Pravex Bank, Bank "Forum" and the bank index. Moreover, the bank "Forum" this contribution is a promotional and is only valid until January 31, 2008. (The most interesting terms for "multivalyute" in Index-Bank, which offers deposit in three currencies - the hryvnia / dollar / euro. Others are limited to a bunch of dollar / euro. However, the index of bank - one who charges a fee for converting a , 3% of the amount.

Interest in advance

"Advance" deposits involve the payment of interest at the opening of the deposit. Such deposits, fortunately, was typed on a full rating. :) Even though we have cut all hard "defective" proposals, in the sense of those where "the advance interest payment" means payment of the accrued income, not the entire amount. The main indicators used to calculate the final rate, were interest rates, penalties for early termination and the minimum deposit amount. Other indicators for these deposits and can not be, because they do not require capitalization of interest (all long shot), the possibility of replenishment and, especially, the possibility of early withdrawal.

In principle, these deposits, except for interest payments ahead, do not differ from normal savings. Is that the rates are somewhat lower. Of hryvnia deposits for the year the contribution can be obtained from 12% to 15% for deposits in U.S. dollars - from 7% to 11% in the euro - from 4% to 10%.

Penalties for early termination of the "upfront" contributions also differ little from those used for standard deposits. The only difference is that the recalculation of penalty interest rate difference is taken from the deposit amount. Not a very pleasant procedure, but where to go.

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