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How to escape from bullying at work

The concept of "mobbing" (psychological terror on the part of the team) and "bullying" or "bossing" (persecution alone) were included in our everyday life is relatively recent. However, the phenomenon of violence in the team has long been known. Previously used for its designation of the word "hazing", "undercover game," "rat fuss."

Share the horizontal (among the staff of one level) and vertical (hierarchical) mobbing. Horizontal mobbing (hazing) is most often used in relation to the novice olderemployees. Vertical occurs, for example, when a well-established team comes a new chief. Especially if he tries to make a difference in the stagnant environment. Employees are afraid for their jobs, trying to get rid of the new boss, ultimately inflames an entire "guerilla warfare". The opposite situation, when the head begins to harass subordinate to make room for someone from "their" is an example of bullying or bossinga.


Causes of mobbing are many: it is the poor organization and production process, and the blurred lines of responsibility, duties and powers, and slowness of information dissemination, staff turnover, lack of career advancement and others, including banal and idleness. In any case, the presence of psychological abuse in a group talking about a large rendering company's management. In addition, the team once tasted the "charm" of collective persecution is no longer able to give it up, it's like instinct - harassed the first victim, he immediately begins a new search. So, eliminating the causes of mobbing, the leader must first of all take care of the redeployment.

Often causes gnobleniya from the collective need to look at the behavior of the victim, that is, roughly speaking, a victim of her own fault, that did not fit into the team. And of course, mobbing has sunk into oblivion, would, if not envy. By the way, violence may be subject to an office as well as provocative, eye-catching, and the most peaceful and sverhloyalny employee.


If you are a victim of mobbing, above all, need to consider their options for addressing the short, medium and long term. This will help you answer the questions: "Is there a way to get help from the leadership?", "Can I transfer to another location (position) within the company?", "Are you ready to find a new job?", "What to do and how long does it take to prepare for this transition? ". Assess your strength and capabilities - it will help to find the optimal solution: stay or go.

When to go?

If the situation has gone so far as to get to work like the way to the scaffold, there is a sense of psychological and physical exhaustion, then definitely dismissed. No work and no pay is not worth the health. Often decide to take this step difficult, partly because many perceive as a defeat for the dismissal, but few people recognize this is nice. In fact, the dismissal - this is a manifestation of a healthy survival instinct. Ulterior motive of self-defense instructors advise: in situations of extreme danger, even if you possess all the weapons and you have the highest belt in karate, when you can run away - run.

If you feel the strength to confront the office violence, the fight is quite possible. For this network in several ways:

1. Try not to give the slightest opportunity to reproach themselves of incompetence and ineptitude. And in any case not lower yourself to the screams and scandals. Entering the squabble, you show your vulnerability and sincere pleasure to offenders. Unsurprisingly, then, that the provocations continue.

2. Highlight the instigator of the bullying and think of how to rally the team against him. To do this, you can keep a diary of negative moments, where for example, a month to record all adverse events. It will look something like this: "Today, Irina did not gave me the message that the boss asked him to call back immediately, smiled when he yelled at me." After analyzing the data for the month will be easier, firstly, to identify the instigators mobberov, secondly, people who have sympathy for you.

3. Identify the "doubters" of colleagues who either fed antipathy to mobbing in general, the leader of persecution in particular, have a liking to you directly. We must try to create their own grouping. But here it is important not to overdo it, or from a victim and a fighter against mobbing can become invisible to the initiator.
In general, in war as in war, the range of anti-terrorist office depends on your personal creativity.

Those who have not experienced mobbing action on its own nervous system, I wish not to stand on the sidelines, seeing how a colleague is suffering from mobbing. Because tomorrow, this problem can touch and you.


Tips for beginners in the group

1. Observe the collective standards of behavior - visit the corporate events and dine in the dining room, attended by a majority of the team, get dressed according to dress code adopted by the company.

2. Accept and recognize features of labor organization in the company. Phrases like "you have here is not so, not right, but there have been different", pronounced "a visiting star" in response to familiarize with each process, cause irritation of the healthy group and the desire to say: "If there had been so cool, so go and where you came from. "

3. Become innovator, innovator, not a critic. Many of the mistakes that you notice can be corrected under the guise of improving the production process.

4. Observe neutrality with regard to your predecessor. It is not necessary to tell all and sundry in what terrible shape, he left the site and you as you now need to clean up the Augean stables.

Old-timers Tips

1. If you are promoted to the post and now you have to guide those who yesterday were on the same career stage and ran together for a smoke break, then try all the innovations, including the chain of command, introduced gradually. On a new sense of distance over time is necessary.

2. If you increased the salary or bonus was given, and only got the bonus you do not brag to their colleagues. This was modestly better than silence. If the news went public, then share it with colleagues - they cover the table and set the "kickback."

3. Keep a secret office romance. They are able to provoke envy, and jealousy at the same time, especially if you look like a novel, "chief-slave" or "lady - the only man in the team."


ALONE AGAINST ALL did nothing.

Actress Olga Sumskaya during his work in the theater experienced all the "charms" mobbing: colleagues said that they do not want to go with her to the stage, threw the blade in his underwear ... In the end, Olga decided: the theater continues to live without Sumy and it is - without the theater.

Today Olga says: "In such a situation it is better to leave: there is safety in numbers. If a person is in a situation where the law is broken - then it's worth to fight for their rights. And if there is only the human factor, it does not work. You will fight a week or two, a year ... My struggle eventually dragged on for 15 years. Why? I could have done so much over the years, so many roles to play. That's what I regret. I think it is not worth worrying about at this rat spend no time or energy. "

Do not give in to provocations.

Svetlana St. George's are in a situation familiar to many who are moving up the corporate ladder. "I was raised, and one employee, an unofficial leader, was opposed and refused to obey my orders, despite the fact that I am responsible for the work of the department - says Svetlana. - It started slowly and colleagues put smb. Up to smth. "Muddy water" in the open to be rude to me. Go to work do not want to, but I was trying to restrain himself and behave as if nothing had happened. After about a month remaining realized that I really know my job and talking sense and not to find fault. And now we have all changed dramatically. The one that incited all against me, she became an outsider. "


"I came to work for the district physician in one of the city's dispensaries - said Vasily Zaboltny. - The team made fun of an incompetent leader. Instead of performing his duties, he was committed to looking for someone to take away from the district office and who would take his povygodnee. Of hidden resentment, we have moved to action: complaints management, knocking doors, talking in a raised voice. Gave him a real boycott! Our psychological attack lasted for several months, but the manager was not fired. He was a hairy arm. In the end we are left with nothing, and the initiative has passed into his hands. He firmly tighten the screws and every little thing we complained about his leadership. Come to terms with this defeat did not allow the honor: of the staff quit. "

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