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Business - a system

Business - it is sure to work with people. And indeed it is. But still it will be right to say a little differently - "Business is to build systems and to attract people who make this system work for you." This definition is not my invention and is taken from the book by R. Kiyosaki "Cash Flow Quadrant." In this book provides a clear description of all three types of business - systems, and I will not reinvent the wheel, but simply reproduce written there, adding the author's own comments.

Ownsystem. In this case we are talking about developing your own business - systems. This must be done to entrepreneurs who already have some existing business to break the vicious circle described in the 9th issue of Distribution. If you do not have any business, it is necessary to organize it with thinking through the business - systems. This process consists of simple steps. Well the process of creating their own business - the system is described in the book by Michael Gerber's "Creation of an enterprise that would work." If you are a happy owner of this book - you're in luck! Unfortunately, these "lucky" is extremely small. This book was published in Russian in 1996, circulation 10 000 copies and, as far as I know, no more editions. The next few releases will focus on distribution issues to develop its own business - systems, and will be written to use the materials of this particular book. The fact that it is written, I checked in practice, and it really works. But an overview is no substitute for a detailed description. So try if you're interested, find it, and you get a clear step by step, a detailed description of the process of creating a business - systems. For those wishing to create their own big business, this book is simply indispensable. The fact that all have to invent and build yourself - it's probably a lack, but the undeniable advantage of his own business - the system is the fact that, starting with a small company, you can become the master of a very big business.

Franchising. We are talking about buying the company "turnkey". The most famous example of franchising are restaurants "McDonalds". This also includes a shop kategrii "Kodak". In principle, anyone can become the owner of this company. Enough to have the necessary amount of money, and find a seller of business "turnkey". And you get a ready-made business. With the equipment, with trained staff ..., ie with a finished business - by the system. Vlad and make profit. What not to do when buying a business "turnkey", so it's something to change it. Typically, a business - a system of this company worked through, and the clearer you are performing vendor recommendations, the greater your profit. And that is that when buying a business "turn key", you get an excellent and proven business - a system that already "knows how to make money" - a big advantage of franchising. For obvious disadvantage is the need "to possess a sufficient amount of money."

Network marketing (multi-level marketing, direct distribution business). In this case, it is that you become part of an existing system. I have to say that I was amazing to read from Kiyosaki, which is a very big businessman, the council to do network marketing. I am familiar with this business - the system long enough, and my acquaintance with her flowing very well, but I often heard about her disparaging comments - but here "as a balm no heart." I can not help but result in a short passage - "One of my old friends, earned in 1997, more than a billion dollars in real estate, recently signed a contract as a distributor of network marketing and began to build their business ... ... When I asked him why he took up the He explained ... ... "First I wanted to help people make money to invest in real estate, and now getting richer from all the new business ... '" (p. 106-107). This fragment is fully consistent with my respect for this business.

However, there is in this issue their problem. Many network marketing companies operating in the Russian market can not be attributed to the system business. That is why, in the eyes of the business associated with the "peddlers with their bags," anxious to sell someone something. Strongly "image cloud" and various pyramid schemes masquerading as network marketing.

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