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Ways to invest in gold

There are different ways to invest in gold - from buying bullion coins to buy. Consider the basic and most popular of them.

Buying bullion

On the one hand, this is the easiest and most popular way of investing in gold, on the other hand - there is some "underwater" stones.

1) When purchasing bullion less 50g., The value of 1 oz. will be higher than the purchase of, say 100 grams. gold. In addition, the difference between buying and selling in small bars anymore, and sometimes this canbring you a loss rather than profit.

2) On the other hand, the rule that "bigger is better" does not work here. The large bars (more than 100g.) Also have their drawbacks - they are not only difficult but also less liquid. In Ukraine to sell a large chunk will not be easy.

3) When you buy bullion, it necessarily must be: packaging, paper and stamp the sample certificate. Formally, these requirements are not present, but our laws are so often changed, that you may have problems with a sale: the bank may request an appraisal (which costs money) or opt to redeem bar.

4) It is also important to note that the bar must be no visible signs of damage (cracking nuts, as in the movie "Once upon a time did not have" does not happen). While in developed countries are not paying attention, we give the appearance of serious attention!

5) The owner of the ingot will also need to take care of the conditions of its storage. The most ideal option - to leave the bar in the deposit box. Although this version has drawbacks - Rent a cell requires a monthly payment.

Gold deposit

About this way of investing in gold, as I wrote. Briefly describe again. Opens a deposit, which is made in the amount of UAH, which is converted at the current rate of gold. In addition to the increase (or decrease) the value of gold, you will also receive an additional 5% per annum. By the end of this deposit, you can get a bar or money at the current rate. And the key word in that sentence - the exchange rate? This question should be specified because it is likely to get a loss.

1) If you make money on such a deposit, you pay at the rate of their sales of gold, and of course, at the close of the deposit - returned to you at the rate of purchase. This operation is the same as when buying bullion. In a particularly greedy Ukrainian banks the difference between the purchase and sale (the margin) can be up to 25% and may reach up to 50%. And it follows that if for as long as you have a gold deposit, the price of gold rises, then you get a pure loss of even largest margin.

2) As mentioned above, when there are money to the account, they enroll at the rate of sales of gold, at the same time - when you close your deposit - they are taken out by NBU! It is not difficult to guess that the difference between the rate banks and the NBU is certainly in favor of the bank!

Of course, not all Ukrainian banks are still hungry, and if you want you can find the difference between the purchase and sale of not more than 10%. It is desirable that the contract was written in the margin will not change for the term of the contract (that did not work so that you lured a small difference between the purchase and sale, and when you close the deposit is the difference between the standard will rise to 20-30%).

The main difference between investing in bullion and gold deposit in the fact that in the first case - the name of the bar on his hands, you are entitled to choose the bank with the best conditions for its sale, in contrast to when you open a deposit in a particular bank and you must be reconciled with any changes that may occur while you open a gold deposit!

By metal

There is a simple and affordable way to capitalize on the growth of the value of gold - to open a current account metal. The main advantage: you can always make and collect money, and most importantly - at the rate of gold NBU. In this case you do not lose much on margin and do not depend on the whims of a particular bank. True, this kind of investment in gold, yet well developed in Ukraine. I hope that in future this will be corrected.

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