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Interest-free loans - new scam

Find the answer to this question that drives turn to an analysis of two major banking programs offering interest-free loans. This installment (buying goods on credit) and car loans. We consider each of these options in detail. "Basic conditions of interest-free loan (term, application procedure) remain generally unchanged. However, the bank is not without its rewards due to him. In this way, only redistributed to the interest rate yield on the commission," - said Chief Financial Officer "Prostobank

We invest 10 percent of

In many books you can find tips on how to become rich. However, they relate primarily to the need to change their world. And it's really important.

There is, however, the native Russian question - "What to do?". You have changed your outlook, you believe in success, you are visualizing, and now nothing can stop you on the path to happiness - what next?

Just recently I read a book Bodo Schaefer, "The path to financial independence," now I know what to do next. If interested, keep reading and

Typically 10% for those who want to become rich

The first time we met the 10% rule, oddly enough, in the Bible. James had to give God a tenth of what gets in his favor in exchange for guarantees of high yields: "Make all the tithes into my barns, so that my house was food, and so I try will not open if I have the abyss of heaven, and not Do you give the fruit to excess. I will pour upon you my blessing, and nothing will ruin your fruits of the earth, and not wither in the vine yours, and shall call you blessed of all nations "(Malachi 3:10-12).

The main secret of wealth

Let's first define some terms for what would later we were talking the same language. And so rich - it's financial position at which our revenues exceed our costs. The question is: "If the revenue costs more, so much money should be?" In general, no. If one person earns $ 200 a month, and spends 150, it is a rich man because he can on a monthly basis 25% of their income to defer to their wealth. And if the other - earning $ 2,500 a month and spend 2700, then he, in fact, poor. Because, just like

Cash 3 stages on the path to financial independence

So, let's look at these stages. First you need to decide how much money a month we now spend. This should be the sum, with which (per month) we will be able to live on the same level as this is now. Well, I like for myself, not as a married man, has determined that it would be $ 1000. This money is enough for me to live a month, while not denying his habits, go to the movies with a girl or sit at the bar with friends.

So, to know where the first point, you need to multiply that amount by 6. In

Making your car loan

Today, virtually every newspaper you can advertise to sell a car on credit, favorable loans for the purchase of machinery, etc. But we should remember that, as a rule, the outward simplicity of buying a car on credit lies a number of pitfalls. To carry out all operations with minimal losses, you must thoroughly understand all the features of the acquisition of machinery on credit.

Perhaps one of the main features of the car loan is that no bank will carry out operations at a loss. And, therefore,

Posutochny business

As far as this is a profitable event and the difficulties that await him who decided to host figured out D '

Deficit and the high cost of hotels in the capital and other major cities have daily rent for visiting one of the most convenient options for temporary accommodation. The paradox, but rent a flat with kitchen and everything needed for life is worth less than a decent hotel room. Demand, of course, spurs and a proposal. So is it any wonder that the short-term renting apartments are engaged

Myths and Truth about money

For centuries, the money in the mind spin with stories, superstitions and other superstitions.

How to become rich.

Myths and Truth about money.
How to get rid of illusions and become rich?

For centuries, the money in the mind spin with stories, superstitions and other superstitions. People worshiped money, glorify them, gives a magical and hated. It is quite natural, because the golden calf is always directly or indirectly influenced people's lives. Myths were created in the form of fears,

Live to work?

Want to become rich? Do you really want that? As far as the rich?

Are the sake of it to make yourself do things that do not want to go wherever really want to come? To take responsibility for their decisions and actions? And are you prepared to carefully consider their money?

Live to work?

So on it and the wealth that a penny does not count! - You might say. Yes, but to become rich, money is needed. If they do not collect, save, do not learn to properly manage money, skills, how to do it

How does a person become wealthy to the poor?

However, with one caveat, if the neighbor or co-worker not a millionaire, make money with its own ability to ... make money. But usually, people just jealous of this, but ask for advice is not addressed. Or do not want that, probably closer to the truth.

How to become rich (and thus desirable to be healthy and happy), everyone decides for himself. Or does not resolve, stuck in poverty, as in the swamp bog, and sinking into it more and more. This man, strangely enough, does not do anything to become

Potential wealth

1. Want to get rich. Regularly concentrate on its intention to create wealth ... And you will want to move on, to the exploits
2. Themselves to a goal, to get rich. To weigh his every aspect of life, every action of his purpose - whether it is her best if fit, or better do something more substantial.
3. Potential wealth, above all - not in the bank, and in man. A person must comply with the type of personality that the market demands of growing rich people and should behave as the market demands.

Business - a system

Business - it is sure to work with people. And indeed it is. But still it will be right to say a little differently - "Business is to build systems and to attract people who make this system work for you." This definition is not my invention and is taken from the book by R. Kiyosaki "Cash Flow Quadrant." In this book provides a clear description of all three types of business - systems, and I will not reinvent the wheel, but simply reproduce written there, adding the author's own comments.


All gold of the world

General de Gaulle was a businessman and did not receive education in economics, but he made it the loudest a deal in the history of global finance, has turned into paper money

In the spring of 1965 in New York harbor was a French ship at anchor. Since the war began. The ship was not fighting, but it holds a weapon with which Paris had hoped to win the financial battle with the United States. The French brought to the U.S. dollar bills for 750 million in order to get them for "real money" - that

Top 10 investment vehicles

Gold is considered the most reliable investment instrument. Low risk, guaranteed return. When investing $ 5 thousand for a deposit account in gold - 15% return for the year.

Investment idea

Investing in gold occupy the sixth position in the ranking of the contracts. It is considered the most reliable investment instrument: precious metals is steadily increasing in price, the stock upheavals, political and economic turmoil but urged on rise in gold prices. Last year, the cost of an ounce (31.1

Rating exotic bank deposits

Bank deposits like everything. And the income derived from them fixed, and the amount paid in the event of bank failure is guaranteed up to 50 ths. So that almost nothing can disturb sleep investor - no reports of a change of government, nor the mortgage crisis in the U.S. or the fall of stock indices. :) But if all bank deposits we have studied? Presumably, no.

For example, some of them reaches 30% of income per year! And how many people know about it? Unit. To remedy the situation. "Money"

What is the difference 583 from 585?

To answer this question clearly difficult. Gold - one of the precious metals, which are very long, almost to the end of XVIII century there were two - silver and gold, do not change under the action of air, moisture and heat. At the turn of XVIII - XIX centuries. were added platinum and four of its satellites: rhodium, palladium, osmium, and iridium. A fifth of its companion - ruthenium, which opened in 1844.

In the Russian Federation to set the gold samples: 375, 500, 583, 750, and 958. In the

What is a deposit and why do you

The word "deposit" means money deposited with the bank and be returned at a certain time under certain conditions.

Depending on the term deposits are divided into two categories: the first of which includes deposits "on demand" and the second - term deposits.

Deposit "on demand" are those funds that a depositor at any time can take away from the bank - moving them to another person or organization, or turning into cash over the counter or ATM. This category belong to the funds on your current

Pyramid schemes (MLM)

It will talk about the pyramids, namely, pyramid schemes (MLM). It really does not matter what the pyramid to use, but then I try to explain the very principles of bubbles, ie in some of them initially impossible to earn or .. or .. or .. Findings do give the reader.

To begin, perhaps with an explanation of what the majority of participants MlM-pyramids began their earnings on the Internet with systems hype and postmen. They work and earn first 20-30 cents a day and a desire to either increase

Take-all, - an action plan?

POVERTY already got?

Work hard to give, not satisfied with the income, the credits come on the heels, frequent quarrels with the environment, increasing depression, take-all? ... You know what I mean? Black bars are for each person, whatever he was not involved, so arranged ladder of life. But it is not diagnosed and not fate, it's just a "crisis point", which warns of future changes in your life, and these changes have only two directions - the aggravation of a negative situation or the rapid

Как привлечь богатство в дом?

Не буду я спорить с теми, кто говорит, что деньги надо зарабатывать. Надо. Но если есть возможность получить их без особых «трудовложений», то почему бы не попробовать?

Существует очень много примет, которые сулят нам «золотые горы». Я, конечно, не обещаю, что это будут миллионы, но, может быть, кому-то повезет еще больше, чем мне?

Сначала пару слов о давно устоявшихся и временем проверенных приметах, просто напомню для тех, кто, может быть, забыл.

Итак, нельзя:
- ставить сумку с кошельком

How to escape from bullying at work

The concept of "mobbing" (psychological terror on the part of the team) and "bullying" or "bossing" (persecution alone) were included in our everyday life is relatively recent. However, the phenomenon of violence in the team has long been known. Previously used for its designation of the word "hazing", "undercover game," "rat fuss."

Share the horizontal (among the staff of one level) and vertical (hierarchical) mobbing. Horizontal mobbing (hazing) is most often used in relation to the novice older

30 tips for those who build their business ...

So, what does it take to become wealthy?

1. Passionately want to become rich.

2. Set a goal - to get rich.

3. Acquire traits of a rich man.

4. Become SMART (see the article How to become smarter?): Intuition, creativity, logic and knowledge.

5. Do only that which leads to the goal, not to dissipate.
6. Thinking systemically: take into account all important factors.

Be a dynamic / labile / mobile.

(Incidentally, you can immediately apply each item to themselves. If anything

On charity

So, if you decided that you would give part of their income (10%) to charity, you have become a reasonable question - but where does it actually give? There are many versions, where the "right" to tithe (and many versions have been announced in the above blog)

Religious people will tell you that the tithe should be given only to the church. Others - in children's homes, etc. Again, the understanding in this matter, "smart" people have determined that a charity, but that is a pure gift. By passing

All about money. Come to the categories section.

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Person: Chichvarkin
Year of birth: 1974
Birthplace: Moscow
Started doing business: 17 years
First business: trading in the market
Core business: The company Euroset
Status: $
Marital Status: Married

Chichvarkin was born in 1974 in Moscow. In 1996 he graduated from the State Academy of Management, and the next year along with Timur Artemyev, the company created the famous "Euroset". Currently, the company includes some four

Roman Abramovich

Roman Abramovich was born on October 24, 1966 in Saratov. His father, Arkady Nahimovich (handsome, a womanizer, a joker), worked as procurers in Syktyvkar Economic Council. Arkady Nahimovich wife brought back from Saratov. Irina wondered what this family settled in the North, it is necessary, they say, to move south. She went to give birth in their homes. Already returned to the Roman. And very patient. Something there, all was not well. So soon died (Roman then turned 1.5 years). Arkady her death

Toasts For the money, wealth

Everyone knows what is best to have a sheepskin coat, fur-lined than the eye, a padded fist. For that life is not lined us both eyes, and in some eyes were slits.

There once was a very poor man. And he asked God for the ruble to buy bread. And God gave him irredeemable dollar: much he bought, and the ruble has remained in my pocket.

I'll drink to that, so in the pockets of us in the New Year were irredeemable convertible rubles!

Cleaning the room, the servant found the ruble and

For what is worth to start a business?

After the collapse of the Soviet Union and to this day continues to increase the number of people who want to conduct their business. However, for most of the process, and remains at the level desired and expected. Only a small percentage of the total weight is decided on a desperate move and after a while built their scheme, which starts to work, make money and success.

Why does it happen?

A case in point is not about the oligarchs and the people who have amassed ill-gotten capital. Let's

Ways to invest in gold

There are different ways to invest in gold - from buying bullion coins to buy. Consider the basic and most popular of them.

Buying bullion

On the one hand, this is the easiest and most popular way of investing in gold, on the other hand - there is some "underwater" stones.

1) When purchasing bullion less 50g., The value of 1 oz. will be higher than the purchase of, say 100 grams. gold. In addition, the difference between buying and selling in small bars anymore, and sometimes this can

How to choose a bank deposit? 8 practical tips

1. For how long to open a deposit?

How soon do you need the money? When answering this question, you agree to define the term deposit. Banks offer deposit any urgency - for a month, quarter, year or even several years. There are also deposits, which ends at the right investor day in the future. If you know that the money you will need exactly 37 days - a number of banks you can open a deposit is 37 (or any other number) days.

But not always be linked the need for money in the future only

Much of the gold

Gold - 79th element of the periodic table of elements, the noble metal of yellow color.

Origin of name

Proto-Slavic * zolto (русск. gold, Ukr. Gold, Art-Slav. Gold, Pol. Zloto) cognate literature. geltonas «yellow», ltsh. zelts «gold, gold", with another vocalism: Gotha. gul?, it. Gold, Eng. gold; further Skt. hira?yam, Zend. zaranya «gold», as Skt. hari «yellow, golden, green," from the root praindoevropeyskogo * ? ? el-«yellow, green, bright." Hence, also the names of colors: yellow, green.


How to choose a bank deposit

In this short article - the story of how a private investor to choose the best for a bank deposit.

1. For how long to open a deposit?

How soon do you need the money? When answering this question, you agree to define the term deposit. Banks offer deposit any urgency - for a month, quarter, year or even several years. There are also deposits and which end at the right investor day in the future. If you know that the money you will need exactly 37 days - a number of banks you can open a deposit

System to achieve

Step number 1. Financial self-control.

Step number 1. Mini-fund for emergency needs.
This is a supply of money for unforeseen expenses caused by unexpected events that sometimes happen in our lives: job loss, damage car, health problems ...

Step number 2. To pay all debts using the method of "snowball"
The method of "snowball" is this: pay on all loans minimum payment. Except for one thing - the smallest in size. It must pay off as quickly as possible. Then will come the next turn, the larger

How to monitor staff

Almost all the executives want to know what these employees during working hours. Indeed, lack of control and access to resources can trigger various forms of abuse by staff.

The main thing in this case - to strike a balance between respect and trust on the one hand and the clear control on the other. According to statistics, 70% of all losses related businesses with a variety of theft, is the fault of employees or with their participation. The vast number of violations committed by people in

Dirty money

It is believed that money was the main vender of infection and germs. And it is not surprising. It is terrible to think of how many hands can go for their "life" of the average bill, and any viruses it may ponahvatsya there. Is it for the money so much infection, as commonly believed, or that all the stereotypes? Try to understand.

Banknotes live very long. Bill may be in circulation from 6 months to 3 years. It depends on the size and value. For example, least of all life lasts 10-ruble note,


Oil origin

Oil - a flammable, oily liquid, having regard to the group of sedimentary rock, together with sand, clay and limestone, is exceptionally high calorific value: In combustion emits much more heat energy than other fuels mixtures. The origin of oil and natural gas comes from the remains of ancient plants and animals, deposited on the seabed. The main factors which determine the density of crude oil is the temperature and pressure during its formation.

In most of the sedimentary basin



Gold - the first metal, whom he met humanity. Native gold and silver known to mankind for thousands of years, evidenced by articles found in ancient tombs, and primitive mining, preserved to this day. In ancient times, the main centers for production of precious metals were Upper Egypt, Nubia, Spain, Colchis (the Caucasus), there is evidence of mining in Central, South America, Asia (India, the Altai, Kazakhstan, China). Metals extracted from alluvial deposits of sand washing animal skins


Предложение (немецкий Aktie, от лат Actio -. Иск в суд) - эмиссионная ценная бумага, фиксация прав собственника (акционера) на получение части прибыли компании в виде дивидендов, на участие в управлении компанией и часть имущества, оставшегося после его ликвидации. Акция именная ценная бумага.

Категории акций

Различают обыкновенные и привилегированные акции.

1. Обыкновенные акции имеют право участвовать в управлении компанией (1 акция равна один голос на собрании акционеров, за исключением


Offer (german Aktie, from Lat. Actio - an action the claim) - issued security, fixing the rights of the owner (shareholder) to a portion of company profits as dividends, to participate in the management company and part of the property remaining after eliminate it. Promotion is a registered security.

Categories of shares

Distinguish common and preferred shares.

1. Ordinary shares are entitled to participate in the management of the company (1 share equals one vote at the meeting of shareholders,

What if the bank refused to return deposit

If you do not give contribution or give parts of it

Employee of Irina's furniture store for two weeks trying to win back their hard-earned $ 5,000 for one domestic bank. "Two days before the end of the deposit, I called the station and warned that the money will come. I was promised that they will order the required amount and it will be waiting for me at the box office, "- says the girl.

But when Irina came to the bank, she said: "This does not work, come back tomorrow." "So I went to a


One recently arrived in my address issues affecting a very important area in everyone's life - the sphere of material. I hope the following information is not for you some great revelation: our personal financial situation is a consequence of our ideas about money and wealth. In other words, if a person believes that "money - it's evil", money from this person will not be enough. And vice versa.

Here is an example the most common myth about money: "For the wealth will somehow pay off!" And

What if the employer makes to resign

QUESTION. "I work as a cleaner in a private station. Referring to the decrease in the number of clients and no money to pay, the master forces me to quit on their own. Otherwise, threatening to fire "on paper". I do not want to stay out of work, which suited me just fine: close to home, work schedule that allows you to look for jobs elsewhere. But the work has become unbearable, I constantly hear nezacluzhennye accusations and insults at his address. I'm afraid that sooner or later have to leave,

What if you had stolen a mobile phone?

It is sad, but cases of theft of mobile phones are growing exponentially, sometimes even surpassing their sales figures. Terminal can steal just about anywhere, but the most dangerous places are crowded, such as concerts in the squares. Public transport is also an ideal place for illegal change of ownership cellular telephone.

The main thing is that the victim did not feel attacked - schemes in which criminals operate, debugged very well. In addition, it also happens that the man himself gives

What to do if you are at work scouring protection?

On the resentment dissatisfied nods feebly somewhere upwards, showing hung on the wall "paper" in the frame as if to say, the management ordered to him and claims (and who dares to interfere with the boss!) Zealous fighters against the theft of the best, seemingly trying to motives catch dishonest, exposing searched all without discrimination ...

Justified if "preventive" measures? In terms of management - by far. And from the standpoint of the law? Can the leaders hold a total or spot checks,

Why use credit cards - wrong

As you know, I do not use credit cards. Moreover, I have them even never existed. What is it - the inability to enjoy the "benefits" of financial development of society or something else?
Let me explain. It's very simple.

What do the fans of credit cards, when they explain the benefits? They say, "if I need to buy something, but no money, it's very convenient to use the money of the bank and buy what I need." And then they often slyly added, "but due to the fact that my card has a 30-day grace-period,

100 richest people in Russia

The rating of the Russian billionaires-2007, compiled by the magazine "Finance", included businessmen, whose state has exceeded 2.4 billion rubles. So, in 2007, state 10 richest people in Russia grew by 53% to $ 145 billion of capital in the rating of $ 425.1 billion in three consecutive years, ranking leader was Roman Abramovich. Now the list has a new leader - Oleg Deripaska.

Add that to the ranking of billionaires is still present is the only woman, the wife of the mayor of Moscow - Elena Baturin,

Folk signs to help

It suffices to observe people's signs, which indicate exactly what to do, so had money.


Thus, a significant portion of the money will associated with the table. If the table is mediate, then thrown at him or change the keys of the house immediately fall into another world. And no surprise that the man who sent in such a place, "the key to the apartment where the money is" having financial difficulties. News Meta:

The symbols of emptiness

Very dangerous for money and well-being void,

How to open a shop

On the last day before the opening of a clothing store owner appeared. He has already managed to approve the design, say "yes" with respect to commercial equipment and even personally present at the selection of the range. In thought he walked four hundred square feet of retail space. Everything was fine, but something was missing ... "And the staff?" - In horror he exclaimed. Do not laugh, this is a true story. What you do not forget to open your store? The following is a checklist developed by

Assets and Liabilities - continued

What does he have? The apartment where he lives - requires a monthly payment of utilities, small, and sometimes even major repairs, you have to pay tax, etc. Net liabilities. Car? Petrol, insurance, taxes, repairs, fines, parking, etc. - Liability. Cottage - passive. Cell. phone, stereo, garage, etc. - All liabilities, because I always take the money out of your wallet. And assets that man is? After much thought, this person will be able to produce a single asset - is its ability to work, to work,

How to stop working for others?

Russian readers by Robert Kiyosaki learned that achieving financial independence, you must stop working for someone else and start their own businesses. Make the first half is easy - just apply for a dismissal, but the business ... Many are stuck in the middle and - resigned from the primary place of employment, are not you start to second half.
But those who read the book carefully and realized that the main thing on the road to financial independence - not to write a statement (that you always

Major financial mistake of all people

Living without mistakes is boring and monotonous, but this statement does not apply to financial mistakes. No financial mistakes life gives stability and confidence in their own purposes. What are the financial mistakes commonly permit people?

1. Lack of savings
Many people believe that saving money is not why, because there is inflation, the money sooner or later will depreciate, what to save, if you can buy here and now what you want. Perhaps at this point in time they are right, but tomorrow