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Live to work?

Want to become rich? Do you really want that? As far as the rich?

Are the sake of it to make yourself do things that do not want to go wherever really want to come? To take responsibility for their decisions and actions? And are you prepared to carefully consider their money?

Live to work?

So on it and the wealth that a penny does not count! - You might say. Yes, but to become rich, money is needed. If they do not collect, save, do not learn to properly manage money, skills, how to do itby themselves do not appear.

But the savings do not mean to give up worldly pleasures and work-work-work. Let's say I stop drinking coffee, rest 5 minutes per hour, to relax after work, spend time with family and friends.

Not to mention the fact that it is not efficient because it reduces the motivation, performance, health, mood and much more, the maximum that I can save - for eight hours.

If you take the eight-hour workday and a dream, and not to leave more time for anything, in this hypothetical example, I was able to extend my time in half. A millionaire's income more than I do a thousand times. See the difference in scale? Meanwhile, the majority of millionaires is especially appreciated in my life quiet evenings at dinner with the family, communication with loved ones and friends, and are not injected to the bottom sixteen hours a day.

So how do you become rich?
The secret is simple: follow your calling and destiny.

It would seem, well, not like the work, and so what? How many people work the same way, and nothing else.
That is just it, nothing. Virtually none of those who are engaged in business unloved, unable to become rich themselves. And those people for whom wealth had fallen unexpectedly, could not cope with it, and for five years, went bankrupt.

You disagree? Think of you are familiar with the rich. They love what they do? And you? Personally for me this idea now - the main way to make a choice between various possibilities, which every day becomes more and more.

Plan your million

Remember the phrase from the movie "80 Days Around the World"?
- "Do you have a plan, Mr. Fix?"
- "Do I have a plan! Yes, I have a plan! "

Do you have a plan? How long have you written it? Have not yet written, yet keep in mind? A good way to allow the plan to drift into an uncertain future.

You've written a plan? And now you are ready to implement it? And promise yourself to monitor the implementation of the plan? Really? Do you know how to inspire yourself for the plan to make him happy? And you know how to change it if necessary, to make flexible? Yes? Congratulations, most likely you will achieve what you want.

I talked with many people on this topic. Some people believe in superstitions and believe that if something is planned, then their desire is in danger. Fear of "evil eye", they themselves often deprive themselves of the opportunity to implement their plans.
Other people are not able to respond flexibly to rapidly changing circumstances.
Someone just too lazy to plan.
So make a plan.

Accounted for? Now try on yourself to wealth. Sign in state of a wealthy man.
- Do you have the correct state in order to become rich?
- And what, you just need the right state?
- Yes, it is necessary. Moreover, it is absolutely necessary.
- And how often I can go into that state?
- As often as you want. In this state you can enter and exit.
- Why did I not done this before?

No answer. Or, maybe you and so enter a state of genius every time you need it? And out of it instantly, saving, thus, efficiency? I think here lies the key to effectiveness. Instead of hours of work, constantly in unassembled condition and using its capabilities in the best case for a third - to enter a state of genius, quickly get the job done, get out of genius.

Who does not risk, that ...

Do I need to take risks to get rich and how to learn it? This question is more complicated than it seems. Winning in business generally - a result of non-trivial solutions.

How is risk in business? This, too, need to learn. Most people who have earned wealth on their own, went bankrupt several times. And learn from your mistakes. You can learn from others, since now there are a lot of personal success training.

Repeat with a simple experiment. Mentally, double your income. You okay? Now multiply it by ten or a hundred, a thousand. What thoughts come to mind? You are comfortable with that kind of money? Or are there any restrictions such as "honest way of earning money is not" or "stolen, taken away"?

Analyze your limiting beliefs. Do not you want some of them to get rid of as outdated or unnecessary? You know how to do it yourself or have someone ask for help?

Now that brought order to the beliefs of, let's look around in search of rubbish. Tell yourself honestly, whether all the things that surround you, you really need? Maybe something is high time to throw out? What are the principles you buy things? For pleasure, prestige or for fear that someone is something about you think? As far as the fun of it? Is it worth it the money that be spent?

The basis for creating wealth - it is our ability to do the right thing to others.

(Recently, my hot debate on this issue over the fact that I heard about this phrase: "What else, besides the possibility of sex, may be useful in a woman?") What can you do this, what you like and brings real benefits to other people? Does the benefit of your business? What are your hobbies you can do your core business?

How's that for real life example: one person is so liked to teach kids the game of tennis, which he first led the free lessons and then got a part time job, then a full day, then became manager and then bought this gym, then bought the network gyms.

Make a list of favorite activities and think about where hidden opportunities to increase their wealth, doing things you love. It's very important - to find your passion and start doing what like. Like so, that's hard to believe that you are paying for this work. So you would, perhaps, themselves underpaid, just to do it. If you find your passion, the cause that you love, and everything else important, and it does not matter. It's important because everything else needed. It does not matter because you can start at any time.

And another secret of wealth, the chief: perseverance. Many people come up to wealth at arm's length and do not do the last step. Do you have the perseverance to go on this way? After that you can build your wealth needed for a dozen years.

Rather, wealth will increase very gradually. The closer to the beginning of the path, the slower growing wealth, the farther away - the sooner.

But either way begins with the first step.
What step will you do?

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