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Major financial mistake of all people

Living without mistakes is boring and monotonous, but this statement does not apply to financial mistakes. No financial mistakes life gives stability and confidence in their own purposes. What are the financial mistakes commonly permit people?

1. Lack of savings
Many people believe that saving money is not why, because there is inflation, the money sooner or later will depreciate, what to save, if you can buy here and now what you want. Perhaps at this point in time they are right, but tomorrowyou suddenly could suddenly need money to fix the apartment, car, medical operation on his relatives. Yes, you can contact the bank for a loan, but it's your time, and it is likely that in vain, because the bank may deny credit. So do not look for loans, and must always be in stock on 06/03 salaries force majeure.

2. Keeping money under the pillow
Less than half of our population use bank deposits and only 5% of stock market investing. The reason - lack of confidence in banks. People prefer to keep their money in a cupboard under the pillow, anywhere in the house, but not beyond. This is fundamentally wrong, because there is such a thing as inflation, which reduces the size of your savings at 10% per year. Count how many will be worth your 500 thousand rubles in 5 let.Vsego 310 000, which already can not buy what he dreamed of.
So do not keep their savings at home, bring them into the pot, place a deposit. This way you can protect your money from inflation. Do not be afraid of failure - all deposits are insured, and amount to 700 thousand in the same bank, you can easily return in the event of bank failure.

3. Credit can not afford
So you've decided to take a loan, remember the basic rules:
- Credit must be in the currency in which you receive income. In Russia, it's mostly U.S. Dollars. But the stakes in foreign currency is much lower! Yes, but in the fall of the ruble, your monthly payment may podskachit to unprecedented heights.
- Take this much money as you need. Neither thousands more! Because for every thousand bank pays interest, and pay in the end you will have more
- Do not take credit for too long. Ask staff to calculate the credit for everything possible, and select the one monthly payment which would have been for you to choose silam.Ne maleniky monthly payment, for an extended loan promises a big overpayment.
It is best to take out a loan so that monthly payment of no more than 30% of your monthly income.

4. More money in less time
Nowadays, we all know that income is greater than the interest on bank deposits, is associated with greater risk. You can lose all their savings. That scammers promise a high rate of interest at once, building a pyramid scheme.

5. Perpetual Investments
Need to invest wisely, clearly set a goal. Big earnings may not be the target of investment. The main thing is to put yourself questions about the priority, cost and time investment. The only way to identify tools for investment.
For example, if you want to save money by a certain date, the year after 3, it is best to take advantage of bank deposits.
If the period of 10 years, we have maybe 50% of savings to invest in stocks, while more than 10 years,% of investments in shares may already be 70-80%

6. Different levels of response to risk
Each person has his own level of risk aversion. That is why, if your friend oblige annual income 30%, do not just run away and invest their money in these stocks. Because the stock price tends to fall regularly and grow. And you may not be ready for a sharp fall, stocks sell at the wrong time and thus lose some of their money.
It is therefore important to determine their risk tolerance. If you are willing to constant fluctuation of the size of your savings - you can safely invest in stocks if you want to be sure of your income - your option - bank deposits and bonds strong.

7.Otsutstvie insurance
Our citizens believe that it is to them nothing can happen, so the insurance apartments, cars, and especially life in Russia nepopulyarno.Ne despite the fact that one of the causes of delinquency on loans is the need to pay for treatment in Russia only 2% of the population insured his life. All these costs are normally for a man is unexpected and great. In the case of insurance, all costs to repair the apartment, car, cost of operations assumes the insurance company.

8. People do not think about his pension.
Most people are not thinking about retirement, a good pension is not a goal in life. However, the sooner you begin to worry about the size of his pension, the greater will receive. After all, to receive a pension of 40 thousand rubles must be made within 10 years of delay per month to 25 thousand rubles for a bank deposit. And if you think about retirement for three years, already have to be put off by 130 thousand, that you will agree, is more problematic. It is therefore necessary to start thinking about retirement as early as possible

9. Otstutstvie knowledge about the tax benefits
On this kind of extra income, few people know. But everyone can get up to 15 600 rubles a year, if he paid for treatment, training, buying an apartment / house, doing charity work, has invested in a pension fund. And in the case of buying an apartment / house, this amount may sotavlyat to 260 thousand rubles! In the mortgage for 15 years, worth 5 million rubles, the ability to return more than 750 thousand rubles

10. Otstutstvie financial plan
Personal financial plan - a rarity. But people do not understand why no plan can bring serious consequences. If a person is, for instance, plans next year to buy a car, and after 3 years to take the mortgage. What a car it can accumulate, but at this time may increase transportation costs, in this case, it can not save up for a down payment on the mortgage. As a result, will have to buy with no down payment or a smaller area than desired, or for a longer period, or in a disadvantaged area. Mortgage payments will be large and long-term, so he can not, for example, pay for tuition son / daughter in college. The whole life goes to the best scenario. That is why it is important not just to set the target and make a full financial plan until retirement.

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