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Interest-free loans - new scam

Find the answer to this question that drives turn to an analysis of two major banking programs offering interest-free loans. This installment (buying goods on credit) and car loans. We consider each of these options in detail. "Basic conditions of interest-free loan (term, application procedure) remain generally unchanged. However, the bank is not without its rewards due to him. In this way, only redistributed to the interest rate yield on the commission," - said Chief Financial Officer "Prostobank

We invest 10 percent of

In many books you can find tips on how to become rich. However, they relate primarily to the need to change their world. And it's really important.

There is, however, the native Russian question - "What to do?". You have changed your outlook, you believe in success, you are visualizing, and now nothing can stop you on the path to happiness - what next?

Just recently I read a book Bodo Schaefer, "The path to financial independence," now I know what to do next. If interested, keep reading and

Typically 10% for those who want to become rich

The first time we met the 10% rule, oddly enough, in the Bible. James had to give God a tenth of what gets in his favor in exchange for guarantees of high yields: "Make all the tithes into my barns, so that my house was food, and so I try will not open if I have the abyss of heaven, and not Do you give the fruit to excess. I will pour upon you my blessing, and nothing will ruin your fruits of the earth, and not wither in the vine yours, and shall call you blessed of all nations "(Malachi 3:10-12).

The main secret of wealth

Let's first define some terms for what would later we were talking the same language. And so rich - it's financial position at which our revenues exceed our costs. The question is: "If the revenue costs more, so much money should be?" In general, no. If one person earns $ 200 a month, and spends 150, it is a rich man because he can on a monthly basis 25% of their income to defer to their wealth. And if the other - earning $ 2,500 a month and spend 2700, then he, in fact, poor. Because, just like

Cash 3 stages on the path to financial independence

So, let's look at these stages. First you need to decide how much money a month we now spend. This should be the sum, with which (per month) we will be able to live on the same level as this is now. Well, I like for myself, not as a married man, has determined that it would be $ 1000. This money is enough for me to live a month, while not denying his habits, go to the movies with a girl or sit at the bar with friends.

So, to know where the first point, you need to multiply that amount by 6. In

Making your car loan

Today, virtually every newspaper you can advertise to sell a car on credit, favorable loans for the purchase of machinery, etc. But we should remember that, as a rule, the outward simplicity of buying a car on credit lies a number of pitfalls. To carry out all operations with minimal losses, you must thoroughly understand all the features of the acquisition of machinery on credit.

Perhaps one of the main features of the car loan is that no bank will carry out operations at a loss. And, therefore,

Posutochny business

As far as this is a profitable event and the difficulties that await him who decided to host figured out D '

Deficit and the high cost of hotels in the capital and other major cities have daily rent for visiting one of the most convenient options for temporary accommodation. The paradox, but rent a flat with kitchen and everything needed for life is worth less than a decent hotel room. Demand, of course, spurs and a proposal. So is it any wonder that the short-term renting apartments are engaged