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On charity

So, if you decided that you would give part of their income (10%) to charity, you have become a reasonable question - but where does it actually give? There are many versions, where the "right" to tithe (and many versions have been announced in the above blog)

Religious people will tell you that the tithe should be given only to the church. Others - in children's homes, etc. Again, the understanding in this matter, "smart" people have determined that a charity, but that is a pure gift. By passingit through myself, I made the following conclusions: charity is that which you give to people who are not able to make money. These may include: orphanages, homes for the elderly, disabled, etc. Of course, here can be attributed, and donations to the church, helping talented young people, etc. I defined the criteria for yourself where I want and I'll give!

Would also like to stress that many of the word "charity" associate all sorts of charities. For example, I have put in a word - need help! It does not matter whether it will fund an orphanage, a teacher, section, etc. The main thing is that you are giving money (and / or things, etc.) to those who need it!

Please select a you and for itself one or more places where you'll be making their way to an extraordinary pozhertvovaniya.Odin Henry Erdman suggested in his book "Invest and Grow Rich." Its essence is to open a mutual fund's and constantly replenish it. And let's say your retirement there gather up a decent amount. This will be the kind of Svoge fund named for you. And then, you always sacrifice a percentage that come from these money or just give out all the money is there. But the more rational the first option, because that the assistance that you provide, it can be very long, because interest always comes.

In a conclusion that's more like what to say, do not confuse charity with patronage. Charities like you do in secret, blowing and telling all and sundry about it. Of course, a limited number of people will know from this (my wife could close friends), but specifically about it abundantly. Not teshte his vanity and not inflate your ego!

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