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What is the difference 583 from 585?

To answer this question clearly difficult. Gold - one of the precious metals, which are very long, almost to the end of XVIII century there were two - silver and gold, do not change under the action of air, moisture and heat. At the turn of XVIII - XIX centuries. were added platinum and four of its satellites: rhodium, palladium, osmium, and iridium. A fifth of its companion - ruthenium, which opened in 1844.

In the Russian Federation to set the gold samples: 375, 500, 583, 750, and 958. In themetric system samples the first two digits indicate the percentage content of precious metal in 1000 parts of alloy. For example: 750-I trial - pure gold content of 75%, other 25% - impurity metals other than gold included in the composition of the alloy, they are called - the ligature.

In England, the USA, Switzerland and some other countries use a carat system tests. A sample of pure metal is taken as 24 carats (sample 1000). Thus, 958 test matches a 23-carat, 750 - 18 585 - 14-carat. Generally, gold is found in nature almost exclusively in the native state, in the form of small grains disseminated in quartz or silica sand. All gold compounds are easily decomposed by heating with the liberation of metallic gold. It is known that gold is used not only to create jewelry, but also in the glass industry, for creating chemical equipment, medicine and photography. But we, as consumers, of course, interested in jewelry.

Gold 585 denotes an alloy of gold with other metals for 585 to 415. That is, from 1,000 grams of gold alloy 585 is obtained 585 grams of gold, and the remaining 415 grams - Other metals (alloy). Just a few millennia ago, it was found that the best ligature - a silver and copper. These metals are all improved the physical characteristics of the alloy. Because pure gold is very soft and subject to rapid wear, and its products are easily torn.

Often we hear, it's gold - Turkish, it - Italian, and this - the Russian.
I first thought about it, hitting a huge market for gold jewelry in Yerevan, where gold is brought, of course, from Turkey. It was much cheaper than here in Russia. And at first glance is even nothing. But the miser pays twice. No, not all there is - a fake, but a cog in the gold watch with diamonds in a couple months went dark ... It's a shame. On the other hand, what I wanted ... Then I zareklas, acquire Turkish gold ... But I do not know what it turns out that Turkish gold is not the case, because he was not extracted! And what if it comes to that, except for Russian gold, we can talk - Australian and South African gold. In fact, if we take absolutely pure gold, there is no way to determine the source of its origin!

Still, the concept of gold accessories to a particular territory are available. But where did they come from? Under the traditional Russian understanding gold with a reddish tinge, but in Europe, gold yellowish. The reddish hue is obtained if the alloy is mostly made of copper, and yellow - silver. And all these traditions come from ancient times.

On the "Turkish". When Russia began restructuring and hungry to learn Russian rushed spaces of our Earth ... It now seems that everything is going round and is well known, but then Turkey will have attracted an unprecedented color, scents and products ... But the gold-yellow and there. And Russian are accustomed to red. Turks And they add a gold Copper, silver. Accordingly, it has become much easier to view - common medyashka, but the sample does hold. While in Russia, producing slaughter, tyazhelyuschie products (think of grandmother's wedding ring). But the world does not stand still, and the company survived in Turkey, which have become customary to make gold for us in red, that is an alloy of gold, silver and copper. Yes, and why they say that "the Turkish gold" - bad? For example, the Germans do not think so, and being in Turkey, you can always find a German, hung with gold, as native ...

And in the East? East - a delicate matter. Neither China nor Japan is not allowed to use alloys - Give them the purest gold and platinum. But such products are broken at the toe. But they do not wear them, and kept in caskets as family heirlooms ... Yes, cute ...
Should I believe if you saw in the store a ring of gold with the usual white tops, it's platinum? Platinum - is a very serious metal which are difficult to process, with very high melting point. Therefore, its price rises by 8 times! And what is commonly referred to as platinum - most likely white gold, or a coating of precious metal rhodium.
White gold 585 consists of 585 parts gold and ligatures, which consists of a palladium or nickel. This gives the alloy white cast. If the alloy with palladium, the alloy has a white steel color, if the nickel, then a little yellowish, and if it is rhodium-plated, the product gives a cold blue. The cost of platinum in the product from 40-100 dollars per gram!

What is the difference 583 from 585? In the USSR, all products are made of gold 583 samples. But times have changed, Russia has to strive towards the West, but the West has a circulation of 14-carat sample. That is an alloy of 24 parts - 14 parts gold and 10 - ligatures. But if you divide 14 by 24, you get 0.5833333. And earlier still, and rounded to the lower side to 583. When the West did not want to buy a gold or strongly reduced the price, then decided to Russian and made 585 as the primary standard. Another difference is that on the gold sample of about 583 still meets the star, whereas the 585 - most so-called "kokoshnik." There are different ways to design - in the form of relief sculpture, scratched with a needle, or painted in a special way.

Country-setter of fashion jewelry still is Italy. But Hong Kong is literally coming to her "heels". Malaysia offers a huge number of Chinese factories. Chinese platinum collection - it's beautiful things, design, for which there may still not the best, but their products are high quality products.

What can I say, "whose gold is better?" Probably still determine "whose" - wrong, just need to carefully watch the sample and choose what you like, and better specialty stores. Now you know that if a reddish hue - then dominated by the copper alloy, yellow - silver. A platinum may not be worth as much as the usual gold. Good luck!

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