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Typically 10% for those who want to become rich

The first time we met the 10% rule, oddly enough, in the Bible. James had to give God a tenth of what gets in his favor in exchange for guarantees of high yields: "Make all the tithes into my barns, so that my house was food, and so I try will not open if I have the abyss of heaven, and not Do you give the fruit to excess. I will pour upon you my blessing, and nothing will ruin your fruits of the earth, and not wither in the vine yours, and shall call you blessed of all nations "(Malachi 3:10-12).In fact, these 10% were investment, investment, income generation.
Since then much has changed, but the issue price of 10% remained the same. So many financial advisers recommend a delay in deposits, to invest in gold stocks.
But do not get hung up on the figure 10, the main thing is not how much, and how often. Regular investment should be a healthy habit. If you set aside money from every income, whether salary, bonus, you'll be able to face the future with confidence.
Of course, in our country people are accustomed not to trust anyone and not to look into the distant future. We all lived on the principle of "Do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today." Therefore, spend all the wages. But now the situation is changing: people take out loans, then they are sure of their future earnings. Also, every year more and more people became interested in long-term investments.
Most importantly, the 10% - not such a significant part of earnings. Experts say that people usually do not remember where to spend 10-15% of their earnings. That's why he will not notice his absence in his pocket.
Of course, this rule is not applicable to all people, the financial situation at all formed in different ways. However, if you want, you will surely succeed. The main thing to start investing even a little, but with enviable regularity.

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