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How to choose a bank deposit

In this short article - the story of how a private investor to choose the best for a bank deposit.

1. For how long to open a deposit?

How soon do you need the money? When answering this question, you agree to define the term deposit. Banks offer deposit any urgency - for a month, quarter, year or even several years. There are also deposits and which end at the right investor day in the future. If you know that the money you will need exactly 37 days - a number of banks you can open a depositis 37 (or any other number) days.

But not always be the need to link the money in the future with a term deposit. The fact that the deposits are different - and you need to select the type of deposit, which will be most convenient to you.

2. Choose the type of deposit.

All deposits can be divided into three types - depending on what you can do with the money in the account during the term of deposit.

Classical deposit - do not put any additional contributions to the account or withdraw money from an account;
With the ability to dovlozheniya money into the account - you can replenish the account, but can not withdraw money;
With the ability to dovlozheniya and partial withdrawal - how you can make deposits and withdraw money.
What type of deposit to choose? It depends on the goal that you set, opening deposit. Usually taking a deposit, seek to obtain the maximum return on their money, and the general rule here is that the greater freedom you have to manage money in the account, the smaller the percentage you pay the bank. That is the maximum revenue is usually deposited in a classic, less a deposit with the possibility of dovlozheniya means even less - with the possibility of a deposit and withdrawal of dovlozheniya funds.

If you just want to forget about the money for a specified period and obtain the maximum yield - better to choose a classic deposit. If you wish to accumulate money in the account and do not plan to remove them - open a deposit dovlozheniem. If you'd like to put money into the account and remove them - then choose the deposit with the possibility of removing dovlozheniya and resources.

3. Select a currency deposit

In what currency you wish to open a deposit? If the task is to get the maximum return on their savings, then choose the currency is worth taking into account the personal opinion about the prospects of the currency and interest rates on deposits in it.

For example, if you think that the euro will go up against the ruble and the dollar, euro deposit is open. In addition, no one stops to open deposit accounts in several currencies.

4. Select Bank

The most important question - which bank to open a deposit? If the amount is less than 700,000 rubles (such as the vast majority), based on considerations of maximum profit. In Russia, a system of deposit insurance, and contributions of less than 700,000 rubles (or its equivalent in foreign currency) are insured by the state completely, 100%. This means that if a bank is "collapse", you totally get back your deposit - it will return you to the State Agency for Deposit Insurance.

And if so, do not look for a reliable bank - better to look for someone who is willing to pay you the maximum percentage of the deposit. Thus the question of choosing the bank actually becomes a question of finding the most profitable contribution to the currency you need.

In addition, if you have more money than the 700,000 rubles - you can open deposits in several banks, and then each of your contribution will be insured. Learn more about deposit insurance system can be found in this article.

5. Find a profitable contribution

There are several sources of information used to identify the most profitable deposits.

1. Search the Web.

The Internet has several sites where you can get information on interest rates on deposits. For example - Sredstva.ru, Bankir.ru, RBC. However, I should note that these sites are not all the best deals on deposits. For example, none of those deposits, that I'm used to - I'm on those sites did not find.

2. Read the press.

If you are interested in money and a profitable investment, read the financial press, now there are many informative magazines on the topic of personal finance. For example, a deposit in rubles, which I'm used to - I discovered after reading about it a note in a magazine.

3. Look around.

It is unlikely that you go to another town to open a deposit. So pay attention to what banks are nearby. Go to the office, read ads, learn about the conditions of contributions.

I recently looked into the office of a stranger to me for the bank to receive money. While waiting for the queue, I studied the conditions of deposit. On foreign currency deposits offered very good conditions - and the day after I opened in this bank two deposits that are happy to use it.

6. Do not believe advertising

In search of a profitable contribution you have to learn a lot of promotional offers banks. Be skeptical of advertising, and carefully analyze the terms and interest rates on deposits in different banks.

Advertising can shout "contribution for the month - a percentage of the year," but in reality it will be only 12% - at a time when other banks will offer to you and 15% and 16% per annum on deposits in rubles. Fortunately, advertising fog dissipates rapidly as soon as you move on to the next step.

7. Be sure to read the deposit agreement

Bank deposit only open to you after you sign a deposit agreement. Carefully read this agreement before signing it. It defines all of your relationship with the bank regarding funds on deposit. Interest rates may dovlozheniya / withdrawals, penalties for early termination of contract, etc. - all defined by the contract.

And if you intend to enter into a relationship with a specific bank - you need to be clear on what you agree to when signing the contract. So read it and send your questions to the bank, if something is unclear. As you know, the devil in the detail - so the smaller the font, the need to read carefully the text of the agreement.

Many banks stir the deposit agreement on their websites - you can download and read the contract before the visit to the bank. If there is no agreement on the site - call the bank and ask them to send you the text of the agreement by e-mail. Or by coming into the pot - ask to print a contract and read it. And if you are satisfied - only open part.

8. Opening the contribution, learn about the commission

Bankers are not averse to "pinch" the body of your contribution by the various commissions for transactions on the deposit. For the bank it is the income you the same - a direct loss. Therefore, opening contribution, ask the bank rates for various operations - this greatly affects the income that you get from the placement of the deposit.

The difficulty is that not all fees are specified directly in the contract of bank deposit, which (I hope) you read carefully before signing. Part of the commissions is hidden in the overall rates for bank account transactions of individuals. It will be very worthwhile to study these rates and to know how much the bank will take with you for a particular operation on the deposit.

Here's an example. Once I discovered the deposit in rubles with the possibility of depositing and withdrawing funds from your account. For a long time I filled up this contribution, sending money to the account by means of transfer. But once I took the money for another house in the village.

I went to the bank and withdrew a large sum of cash - and was unpleasantly surprised. According to the tariff, the bank kept me with a commission of 2% for cash from the account, because they came to the contribution of non-cash form. And instead of return of 12% per year, I received only 10% - which is much smaller.

Why? I have not studied all the bank fees - and did not know about this commission. Therefore, opening contribution, ask the bank fees, and study them. Thus you will know how much it will cost you this or that operation of the account.

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