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Myths and Truth about money

For centuries, the money in the mind spin with stories, superstitions and other superstitions.

How to become rich.

Myths and Truth about money.
How to get rid of illusions and become rich?

For centuries, the money in the mind spin with stories, superstitions and other superstitions. People worshiped money, glorify them, gives a magical and hated. It is quite natural, because the golden calf is always directly or indirectly influenced people's lives. Myths were created in the form of fears,which were fixed and passed on by word of mouth to succeeding generations. Patterns of thinking are always die hard, as not everyone wants to think of many much easier to live when others think for them.

How dangerous myths?

These negative beliefs blocking the attraction of cash flows. Prejudice - a form of failure, ignorance print. A successful man is free in thought. To get rid of illusions.

The first myth. Gold - is the devil

Misconception. Money - the evil, the subject of the basest desires.

Moralists who preach these beliefs are based on the view that the most common motivation of all crimes, including murder - that the pursuit of profit. Squeamish attitude to money such champions of morality is based on the representation of a number of religions. Strongest opposition to the Catholic Church of market relations has caused schism, war, with millions of victims and the emergence of Protestantism, with your money more easily. This is a fairly stable myth pervades many religions.

Sanctimonious attitude to money was inherent, and our recent past. This illusion was formed in a social rather nasty form of hypocrisy. Everyone wanted to live richer, but carefully concealed it, and the authorities did not welcome such an orientation. So a black market flourished and speculation.

A person who perceives the truth as the myth relates to money passively. He considers himself above the money and does not want their money.

Sometimes a rich man starts to say something like that, but this is outright hypocrisy. Rather, it is a kind of desire to please the crowd to tune out the general opinion, not to stand out and conceal their level of wealth.

In fact. Gold is not the creation of the devil, as a tool for achieving goals in life. Money is first and foremost a great opportunity for a happy and prosperous life.

The second myth. Gold - is a god.

Misconception. With money you can solve absolutely every problem.

This deification of money in today's world. For many, money - religion, which they worship and serve. If for a moment imagine how many thoughts, desires, energy, activism, its time people spend at the service of God and spiritual material to the idol, the difference are impressive. That's the reality.

In fact. Money, of course, important but do not confuse charisma with scrambled eggs. Money - it is only a means, not an end. Gold is not a god, it's just the earth's equivalent of the labor and energy. With the money can not solve all the problems completely. You can not buy health, genuine relationships, love and happiness. You can only create good conditions for this.

The third myth. The big money - big problems.

Misconception. Better to live modestly, especially a low profile, do not go out on the line of success.

This myth laid rational. In fact, money demand active attitude.

If a wealthy man seeks to preserve and increase his wealth, he should be active. Imagine that wealth - is a huge multi-storey building. To maintain order in this house, it is necessary all the time to do something: it will burn out light bulb, the flow valve, the plaster posypetsya. Cabin much easier, you can lie down after a hunt, and sleep for days.

Money can not simply be stored in a stocking. Then they depreciate. Money should bring money to turn. The civilized approach requires that the capital was working and did not lay dormant. It is a living energy, not just a pile of shiny metal. Miserly Knight went into oblivion. Today, very different speeds, life has become a dynamic and fleeting. There's gold reserves - a guarantor of stability, which is static is stored somewhere in the recesses or bank vaults. Money differs from gold. For them, naturally rotate constantly, invest in commodities, services. They should flow like streams in different directions and come back to the man.

Indeed, when a lot of money problems, but a poor man of much greater quality of life and much worse.

In fact. Money - is the potential of this method of achieving the goals and desires, and life programs. If handled adroitly, they do not create problems, and help solve them. Enough money allows a person to feel at ease and confident.

Myth Four. Wealth - the result of luck.
Misconception. Many sincerely believe that big money only gets the lucky people.

For example, you can win a decent amount in a lottery or receive their inheritance. According to those who believe in this myth is the availability of money, or lack thereof depends on the fate or external circumstances, but not from the man himself. "If I was born in a rich country into a wealthy family" - a different matter, most people think. But is it really?

In fact, many millionaires have a very modest start-up capital, and prospered on their own. No wonder one wise man said: "Fools are lucky? So they are not so stupid."

The Russian people hope for an unexpected luck fueled fantastic attitude. Suddenly, a miracle happens and he wakes up rich, or win a million in a lottery, a slot machine in casinos. Instead of engaging in serious efforts, people indulge in dreams of riches. Such dreamers at heart consider themselves to be unworthy of the wealth, big serious money.

Of course, an element of fate and luck play a role, but to a much greater extent, it depends on the person, of his desire, conscious effort and perseverance.

There are times when the two of fortune gives the same chance, one uses it, the other not.

In fact. Fate, of course, makes the surprises, but you can live life in anticipation of an expensive gift, so it never came. Successful people are always very architect of his own happiness. Luck comes to those who believe in it and confidently goes to meet her.

Myth Five. The more you work, the more you earn.

Misconception. If you work for wear, then sooner or later get rich.

As you know, the poor are working from dawn to dusk in exchange for their hard work song. Wealth does not come to someone who works hard, and to him who thinks and acts properly. Our personal bank located in the head. Between poverty and wealth are no compromises. And the poor and the rich can spend the same effort, but the result will be different. You can like Sisyphus rolling a boulder uphill impossibly high, drain the power to sink down and become a stone.

In other words, the degree of stress and the amount of money is not directly linked. Money will come only if a person deeply considered their actions, the program will be the so-called business - life plan and will be targeted to implement it. Only in this case he may count on success. But the main thing - it's state of mind: gold alloy strong desire and belief in yourself.

In fact. It is best not to fuss, not spinning like a squirrel in a wheel, and make every step in life balanced, thoughtful, deliberate. First, become rich in ideas. Next Line up the path to prosperity in the head. And, finally, making no unnecessary movements, quiet, focused, purposeful start to implement it: Sit out on the prospective job or become an entrepreneur, assemble a competent team to study the market and customer needs.

Myth Six. Above the head can not jump.

Misconception: sit modestly low profile, do not try to look smarter than you are. Hen pecks grain by grain and fed to.

All these proverbs programmed to poverty and to justify inaction, passivity, and stagnation of thought. They set forth the philosophy of a poor man who is deeply convinced that he did not do that did not make, he still will not achieve anything. Its ruining the negative belief that all his efforts are doomed to failure, useless and futile. This saying, like many others, came to us from the deep past, when it was much harder than today to get out of the social stratum to which belong to parents. Should we blindly trust the wisdom of the people, which also has a feature out of date. We live in a different time.

In fact. If you believe that all efforts are useless, as it is. So first change the settings. You can do anything! Your fate depends on your thoughts.

Myth Seven. Kopek ruble protects.

Misconception. The more we save, the more we will have money.

But if we tremble over every penny, then we will have no incentive to earn. Who will save too, in fact, saves his energy for fear of losing it. But who spends a lot of effort, the more and receive. You just have to be able to recover their energy to accumulate, from time to time be charged as podsevshaya battery. The fact that the less money we spend, the more restricting their needs. That means less make an effort to make more money. In the ascetic is no incentive to work. After all, he can sit on bread and water.

True. Excessive frugality blocks the activity of making more. What is more modest needs, the less motivation to get rich. This also applies to personal consumption, and investment in production. It is known that if you save money on advertising, the business might wither on the vine. As they say, avaricious pays twice.

Myth eighth. In forty years, no money, and never will.

Misconception. It is believed that only you can make a fortune in his youth. And after forty one can relax - all the same train had already left.

This false negative attitudes still lives in the minds of many. A simple example. Abraham Lincoln, whose portrait adorns the five-dollar bill, was a failure in any business, for which neither took up to 40 years. This great man succeeded only in adulthood.

In fact. Contrary to the opinion of an idle, according to statistics people create the best around the age of forty to sixty years. These statements are based on a careful study of thousands of people. Enough to use as an example of such well-known millionaires like Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie.

Believe me with all my being that you can become a rich man at any age. Most wealthy people amassed his fortune was after forty. If you are under forty, you're ahead. If more time means your prosperity only comes.

Myth ninth. Money can not buy happiness.

Misconception. Poor people love to repeat this formula, but as a rule, have neither the one nor the other.

This statement is a kind of defensive reaction. They just do not want to admit even to themselves in their inability or unwillingness to earn decent.

However, this hypocrisy is easily found, is to offer the money a man who preaches this myth. He soon forgets his principle. However, I met enthusiastic, so passionate with their work that they have agreed to receive any money. But they did not complain then that they were underpaid. They are rich in their love for their work.

Money can not interfere with happiness, just the opposite of their lack does not allow to fully enjoy life. In fact, all we are born to be happy and rich. Poverty - it's hardships and limitations, and therefore they can not contribute to happiness. Money open up new opportunities, can make the happiness more vivid and complete. You can say so - not in money happiness, but without them, happiness would be complete.

In fact. Money can not prevent a person to be happy, but are able to reinforce his good fortune. Better not to oppose these two concepts. Money to increase opportunities for happiness. They can make a happy man even happier.

Myth tenth. Poverty - not a vice.

Misconception. Poverty - a virtue modest man, who stars in the sky is not enough content to small and not compromising my principles.

However, poverty is poverty are different. One can sympathize with the deeply sick man, a pensioner, of which the state has used and then thrown to the dustbin of history. Or military, is released on all four sides after 20 years of distinguished service, or Russian refugees from the former Soviet republics, which are destined for years on other people's Myka corners and settle for odd jobs. Forgivable poverty forced able-bodied people who are in search of a busy place in the sun and are ready to work hard, but have not yet found their niche. Material deprivation of citizens willy-nilly deserve compassion and assistance from both the state and by those who are richer.

There are in our country and other categories of citizens, who likes to repeat this saying to justify their passivity and inaction. This army of slackers and talkers. This myth they use as a not-guilty argument. How many of us healthy dependents, lazy, consumer-minded individuals, sofa dreamers who could not fit into the new reality in today's rather cruel world. They just do not want to take responsibility for their own well-being into their own hands. These new poor are not only passive, but aggressive in its charge anyone, not just themselves. They are closed as a shield from the wealth and prosperity of their negative attitudes. Vice - destroys a person from the inside, like a worm that eats the heart of a ripe apple. Poverty also erodes the human mind, like rust, and he sees life negatively. He enters into it like the back door, because he is convinced - the main entrance was not for him. Deprivations and restrictions make him forget that he was born for happiness and wealth. In poverty there is no virtue. A malformation of the poor no less than the rich. Most of them are passive, jealous, bezinitsiativny limited.

In fact. Indeed, poverty is no crime. But that kind of poverty, which we just talked about, nesting in the mind, a kind of mental illness that should be treated. When we have something hurts, we're going to the doctor, tell him about the symptoms of his illness, and he appoints the course of treatment. Poverty can be eliminated from their own, but better with a specialist who will cure the chronic disease of consciousness.

These and other myths are born in the mind of man.

Money is a kind of mirror that reflect our identity. They may be crooked or magnifying. If we perceive ourselves and the world adequately, then the money and see no optical illusion.

We are working out a relationship to them in both positive and negative. Money - a measure of human labor. No more and no less. Money - a means to achieve the equivalent of human energy. Is in our interests to treat them impartially, not to pay for the possession of too high a price. You should not go to the other extreme and naive to believe that gold coins sprinkled from the sky like manna from heaven. Let's be realistic.

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