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In many books you can find tips on how to become rich. However, they relate primarily to the need to change their world. And it's really important.

There is, however, the native Russian question - "What to do?". You have changed your outlook, you believe in success, you are visualizing, and now nothing can stop you on the path to happiness - what next?

Just recently I read a book Bodo Schaefer, "The path to financial independence," now I know what to do next. If interested, keep reading andyou also know the answer.
Way to Wealth

We begin with the following statement: "Everyone wants to be happy, and this one has two options: the first way - to limit their demands, the second - to increase their capabilities. The wise men that made both at the same time. "

So, just based on this statement all the subsequent strategy of gaining wealth. An exception to the picture of any of the links leads to the destruction of the entire picture as a whole.

Many on the road to riches using a strategy called 'how to earn more money. " However, this inevitably leads to the fact that simultaneously with the increase in income increases the consumption of man.

Now you are no longer satisfied with the same level of consumption. You choose the more expensive clothes, more expensive restaurants, entertainment and more expensive trip. In the end, your problems are the same (only now they go to the next level).

Take, for consideration by my personal example. My income for 5 years have increased about 5 times (price increase and other parameters have also played a role). Did I richer? Not at all.

Although I call myself to some extent an exception. In my family it was decided not to spend all the money, so I still managed to put a certain amount. (This allows me to not pay a single cent for the loan - and this in itself is worth a lot).

Yet, in general, the situation will not change much. My expenses have increased significantly: I have become more frequent cinemas, buy their shoes more expensive, the cost of my internet grew, I changed my cell phone, etc. etc. You all know how it goes.

Conclusions? Very simple - in itself an increase in income does not lead to riches.

The question arises: "What gives? How to find all the desired state - the wealth? "

The answer is simple again, but you are required to discipline and the ability to plan for the long term. It is these two factors is not enough for most people who would never become rich.

Formula resources:
Pay yourself forward.
Invest 10% of their income.
Restrain consumption growth.
Invest 50% of revenue growth.

Now let's look at each item.

1. Pay yourself forward - a very important point. Many people try to invest what they have left over at the end of the month - the excess. For myself I know, no surplus remains. Extra money is not usually all that was postponed in advance - is spent.

That's why if you decide to become seriously rich, you must allocate a portion of their income at the beginning of the month - if you receive income. Otherwise, nothing happens.

2. Why 10%? Many, wanting to gain wealth, start to lay 15%, 20%, 25% of their income, but pretty soon they can not stand such a pace, and spend all the savings.

The fact is that: "To live in the remaining 90% as easy or as difficult as 100%." You will not notice the loss of 10% from its level of consumption, but these 10% will make you rich (with time). 10% - it's just very psychologically comfortable share of the income from which you can with relative ease to give for the sake of the future state.

3. Curbing the growth of consumption. (The third and fourth paragraph should be merged). Let's say today you get 20 000 a month, so you should invest 10% * 20 000 = 2 000 p.

Suppose the next month you start to get 25 000r. You have not yet got used to his new salary, so it will be easier to increase the level of investment. Now they will be:

20 000 * 10% + (25 000 - 20 000) * 50% = 2000 + 2500 = 4 500 rub.

That is, for you, this transition will be felt as if your income has not in 5000 (25 000 per month) and at 2500 (ie 22 500 per month) ...

However, look at how your investments have increased - more than twice. If you are against such a formula, then it is worth remembering a quote (in the beginning of the section "The Way to Wealth"). If you do not limit their consumption - you do not see wealth.

Note that you do not become a miser or a miser. No, you're just starting to spend a bit slower. Growing your income is distributed equally between your expenses and investments.

Well, I spoke briefly about the strategy of gaining wealth from the Bodo Schaefer. I recommend you read the book itself "The road to financial independence," because in it you will find a lot of interesting ideas, relating not only to the money side of things, but to the worldview of a rich man.

And remember, it's better to be rich in 7 years (to 35 years in my case), than not to become them than ever before.

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