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How to stop working for others?

Russian readers by Robert Kiyosaki learned that achieving financial independence, you must stop working for someone else and start their own businesses. Make the first half is easy - just apply for a dismissal, but the business ... Many are stuck in the middle and - resigned from the primary place of employment, are not you start to second half.
But those who read the book carefully and realized that the main thing on the road to financial independence - not to write a statement (that you alwayshave time) and change your own brain. That is, if your attitude toward money has remained the same, then resigned from the primary place of work, you will accomplish nothing.
To build the right attitude, you must first determine what is happening now with your money. It does not matter if you have very little money, we will lead it on the restructuring of thoughts.
Benefit-cost ratio.
Most of our population live by the principle from paycheck to paycheck. Just a few years ago, people ran to the neighbors, colleagues and friends to borrow money to pay, and in our time have become available credit cards and consumer loans. According to Robert Kiyosaki, lives from paycheck to paycheck, it turns out, is not very dependent on wages.
Here's a simple example. One woman lived in the past year, she reduced salary, so the coat she was not looking. But this year the firm went up the hill and pay back to previous levels. Then a woman drew attention to the fur, since they are the principal dream of most women. I bought a fur coat on credit. So what? Shub weighs in the closet, as the weather unsuitable - sorry, a woman walks into the same clothes, only a plus to all the debts for six months in advance. And start thinking about the car - not the same in the subway in a fur coat.
Work, as you know is always stretched to the time available. Also occurs and money - no matter how much they were not, there will always be to spend. Man always wants better mobile phone, coat, car, apartment ... According to Robert Kiyosaki, such thoughts are characterized by poor people, and this thinking will never lead to riches. The rich think differently - first to invest money, that they would bring more money, and then think about a new coat.
Investments, income-called assets, and investments that do not benefit, but also require additional costs - liability.
Your liability - an asset of another person!
Many financial advisers recommend - to understand why you have so little money, you should try to keep track of monthly expenses.
What would happen in most people? In the first place - the mortgage payments, they typically make up a significant portion of monthly salary. In the second, in the case, for example, buying a car on credit - car maintenance, petrol, parking costs, the insurance.
Costs for themselves, for food, entertainment, clothing, going after everything that Robert Kiyosaki calls liabilities.
Many people think that car - it's the attachment. Saving money on inflation during the crisis, we run a dealership and buy a car, usually still in credit. But nobody thinks that the machine brings high costs and plus everything is cheaper faster rate.
In our society, accepted that the coat, car, house signs are secured rights. But investing in these things is the author of the bestseller "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," said liabilities. Because they lead the new investment, and income do not yield at all. Despite the fact that the apartment is considered a reliable investment, it is not always an asset. Can confirm that people who apply for a mortgage just before the onset of the crisis, hoping that property prices can only rise up, and overpayment on the loan will be repaid over several years.
To sum up. Constantly arriving liabilities create the illusion of security, and essentially stand in the way to wealth. It was they make you work "on my uncle," bringing more and more costs. Because any of your liabilities - it is someone else's asset. For example, if you buy a car on credit. Interest on the loan - the bank's assets, pay for insurance - the insurance company assets, pay for parking - parking assets of the owner. For all this you and work. All earn your liabilities, but that at this time do you?
Consider another question.
Why is it necessary?
If you have not yet accumulated enough debt and severe financial situations, the leave scheme "from paycheck to paycheck" does not want to. No, of course, everyone wants to become rich and independent. But no one wants to reduce liabilities. Do not buy a fur coat, a car for the future? Well, not really, you say.
Most people are too lazy to keep track of revenues, expenses, assets and liabilities. All beginnings are usually thrown in a month or two. Not to mention the application of knowledge in practice.
In order to master the theory of Robert Kiyosaki, in practice, it is necessary purpose Every man is his own. Someone dreaming of a big pension, someone on a spacious apartment, and someone tired of being someone else's assets. But the main thing - to define the purpose, and will then make sense.
According to psychologist Maxima by Sviridov, a person must first change myself. The changes begin when he realizes. That he put himself in a "cage", no one to blame for his financial situation, but himself. Only then will people begin to do something himself, as he wants.

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