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For what is worth to start a business?

After the collapse of the Soviet Union and to this day continues to increase the number of people who want to conduct their business. However, for most of the process, and remains at the level desired and expected. Only a small percentage of the total weight is decided on a desperate move and after a while built their scheme, which starts to work, make money and success.

Why does it happen?

A case in point is not about the oligarchs and the people who have amassed ill-gotten capital. Let'stalk about a new generation of entrepreneurs. These include successful businessmen, who were able to "rise" due to his intellect, life experience, wit, ability to take quick and effective decisions. Most of these people began to build its business without huge investments of money, patronage and of experience. If you aspire to create a business, it's best right now to look closely and focus on the business of the new generation.

To get started is to understand and draw parallels between business and regular wage work. You can not become rich in school, university, every day, working on a set schedule. Undoubtedly, such activities can bring pleasure and even joy, but it will not make you rich.

Enough to calculate how long it takes to work in positions in an organization to buy a good apartment renovated, suburban home, to give expensive gifts, go on a trip, etc. After the calculations are not detected welcoming prospect. To get all the title have to live for centuries.

If the choice is made by man in favor of work, he lives there, where can afford, on a journey when it's holiday travels by car, which barely managed to save money. However, this is not the worst! Indeed, the bad people who are stuck in the credits and debts, providing salary bankers and moneylenders.

For fun, you can compare yourself and the same banker. The difference in numbers is staggering. By issuing a loan, the bank and the government makes people dependent, which can not afford to quit your last work, buy an expensive thing to do, whatever you want. Commitments stifle freedom of action of the debtor.

What is the difference between a business owner and the person conducting the majority of their time at work? The first to buy what you like, there are no thoughts like "Do afford." Yielding to work, people do not notice that life is lived for a loan, you can not go beyond the allotted limit.
Chances are, if you read a host of contradictory thoughts and statements:

1. Unable to open a business without start-up capital! (You can, most successful businessmen started their work from scratch and even the debt);

2. I do not have sufficient experience and knowledge for a successful start! (All the experience and knowledge you'll only get in the process, making and correcting their mistakes);

3. Without protection, I did not succeed! (Just an excuse, no "roof" has every chance of success and good fortune);

4. I do not know what to do! (It should solve the problem, because only you solution so no one will. You start - you and head);

5. Of this scheme will not work! (Someone suggested this to you? Belief in success and specific actions on your part - the keys to victory).

Then called the 10 signs (causes) to open a business:

1. You want to travel without waiting for leave;
2. You want to buy what you want, not something that will be enough money;
3. You want to become master of his life;
4. You are seeking to improve their quality of life;
5. You need to be proud of themselves;
6. You want to make gifts to yourself and loved ones;
7. You want to communicate with successful and sufficient men;
8. You want to work, how much and when you want;
9. You aspire to become successful and rich;
10. You want to choose a vacation spot without looking at the money issue.

You can start small with the future. Try to draw on the experience, start working from home, consider the plan. So you get the basic skills and experience that in the future will be helpful. Having experience, you can begin to invest.

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