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One recently arrived in my address issues affecting a very important area in everyone's life - the sphere of material. I hope the following information is not for you some great revelation: our personal financial situation is a consequence of our ideas about money and wealth. In other words, if a person believes that "money - it's evil", money from this person will not be enough. And vice versa.

Here is an example the most common myth about money: "For the wealth will somehow pay off!" Andit is quite obvious that the person who believes that "the wealth necessarily have to pay something," never even close to rich. After all, he is absolutely sure that if higher powers give him the money, instead they had taken away something good.

So, I quote a question from another victim of this myth: "Read your book," Magic to attract money, "and I ask this question. Very often we hear that grown rich man must have something to pay for his wealth. Do not be the same be all the talk is completely "from scratch"? We are talking about some kind of karmic problems? "

Interestingly, the author's question already has an excellent cure for poverty is the result of misconceptions about the money! Recently released the fourth edition of this medicine. We are talking about the above book, "Magical attraction of money," the number of sold copies of which will soon be over ten thousand. The author of the question just need to take this medication more often. That is, read "Magic to attract money," again, though more closely. And then a few times. Indeed, in this book is very much accessible and thorough explanation is given about the myth of "retribution for wealth."

For those readers of this article who do not have the book "Magical attraction of money," as well as for those who bought, but did not know exactly which pages contain a "cure", here are a few excerpts, slightly modified and "modernized."

"... We are programmed from childhood to poverty, We dwell in the power of idiotic stereotype that money - it's evil, debris and dirt. So rich people in the world so small. And why are these lucky few are rich? Not least because that they were spared from the evil stereotype. But most of those who believe that money - the source of all problems is doomed to stagnate in poverty. If a person believes that money - it's evil, he will be in every way to avoid money, though outwardly it seems that it tries to find a decent income. There is a paradox: the sort of money needed, but it is well known that they are - evil. However, the roads leading to poverty and wealth, are in opposite directions. compromises here can not be, and to firmly on the path to prosperity, we must first of all, a correct opinion about the money. Wanting more money and still have the belief that "money is spoiling the people" - a guaranteed method to be without money.

What prevents most people get rich? Established their subconscious beliefs about the viciousness of wealth! Advertising slogan has become edakii poverty biblical phrase about that, he says, "simply a camel to pass through a needle's eye than a rich man to enter paradise" for many centuries, to fool people and to program their brains to poverty. But the phrase had a clear political purpose: to comfort the poor and keep them from trouble and all sorts of revolutions. Let me remind you that a few centuries ago, dominated the conviction that the earth is flat. Who opposed this view - those roasted at the stake. As it turned out, many biblical tenets were later recognized as errors.

I often hear the question: "Is there some kind of" sin "is to use magic to solve financial problems?" Say, "Do not spoil the karma we afford," read the plots on the success and good fortune? Well, the "karma" nuances of the issue of poverty and wealth deserve special consideration. In order not to lose sight of the big picture, remember the key essence of the teachings of karma, each of us, coming into this world, must acquire certain skills, learn new lessons, buy this or that experience and to atone for the mistakes made in previous incarnations of the soul. According to this doctrine, karmic tests can be of any kind of race. One man was destined to learn a life of poverty, another to go through a serious illness, injury love are ordained third, etc. So, when a person chooses a path of material growth, he is forced to develop in himself some of the necessary positive qualities such as motivation, leadership, willingness to take risks. Man striving for wealth, you need to get rid of fear, pessimism and laziness, or wealth will be unattainable. Thus, this person has the opportunity to purchase not only expensive houses and cars, but something far more valuable: some lessons, experience and qualities of character that leads one to further spiritual development. If the higher powers offer to you the possibility to get rich, apparently, they want you stood exactly on that path and become some spiritual qualities necessary for your development. One very wealthy businessman of Indian origin, the founder of the largest empire dress "Mexx" Rattan Chadha (state - more than half a billion euros) during a demonstration of its new luxury aircraft, worth 21 million euros, dropped a phrase: "Probably in his past life I done something very good, now let me just have it all. " Try to remember this phrase, because it explains so much in matters of karma and wealth, is not it?

The risk of "running up the wrath of God" and get some punishment exists only if we do something negative, and it harms the people around him. While this is not just about magic, but in general everything that we think and do. Treatment of diseases, the elimination of a witch's negativity, bringing good luck and prosperity - all this clearly applies to things in a positive and constitutes the domain of so-called "white magic". A "white magic" is a creative and positive practice, which enjoys the approval and patronage of the higher powers.

However, as in the world literature and in conversations on long benches yard popular theme of "selling souls for material goods." None of all sorts of horror stories about what the price some people pay for their wealth. Forced the belief that if the rich do not lose the family, health or life, too, at least, it will inevitably turn into a greedy monster edakogo. However, it appears that fans of these stories secretly envious of those crazy "greedy monsters". Therefore, activated age-old trick of the human mind obliging if envious is not able to reach the heights of a man, you need to take plenty of mud and throw it the man. And, look, become easier.

It should be understood that the money can make life more comfortable and full of positive events and emotions. Not wealth, but poverty corrupts character, because of poverty people are losing their self-esteem and become an angry at the world. So who is easier to go to heaven: a positive-minded person or the unfortunate, who hates "this cruel world" and is tormented by jealousy, frustration, aggression and other negative emotions?

Is not it better to be healthy and rich than sick and poor? But as long as you keep your old negative ideas about money, you have the money will not be a mutual attraction and mutual repulsion. That is the usual negative views about the money: "The rich have no real friends," "If I get rich, my wife will not love me, and my purse," "Money spoil the character," "Wealth breeds jealousy and a lot of problems," "The rich people lost sleep "and" For the wealth needed to pay health "... Now do the "magic" ritual: light a three candles (or may do without candles), write these phrases on the toilet paper, and then use it for its intended purpose. It was a joke, but the conclusion is quite serious: an attempt to get rich, do not get rid of these negative beliefs, is tantamount to trying to swim against strong currents. That is, you desperately floundering for a while, but you will still make the shore of the continent called "lack of money "..."

Next I would like to add something to the material under the heading "Money evil or good?", Which is part of the first chapter of the book "Magical attraction of money." In fact, in the process of achieving financial viability of you actually have something to donate. Payoff, of course, terrible, and for most people an impossible: you will get a loaf, make a plan to raise the butt off the couch to risk some cash ... In other words, will have to part with the musty swamp, in which his whole life sitting most of the people. You will not lose health, love and peace! On the contrary, you will improve all of your vital areas. But, oddly enough, most people lose their wetlands - too high a price.

Here is a simple, somewhat primitive, but very real-life example. Once in a while certain his friend Valentine to the proposal to meet and discuss a draft independent business. A neighbor offered him a drink Valentine beer and watch a football match together. Valentine, after a long three-second thoughts come to the conclusion that "business is not going anywhere", and football will be missed forever. Therefore, selected beer and TV. The choice of this kind always done Valentin. He is afraid to invest in a business money to spend on your new phone. He is afraid to quit your job for trying to organize a separate case. He has no idea what this could be the cause, and the plans of other people think of delusion and utopia. He was confident that around is full of bandits, which are worse than just tax and fire inspectors. And they will try to take away his money, and if they remain two hundred hryvnia for them to come out sanepidemstantsii. Yet hundreds of Valentine's (or Svetlana, it does not matter) regularly come to me at the reception, saying: "Look, as has been done for lack of money for me?"

You know, I'm not often hear the phrase: "I guess I spoiling for lack of money." Sometimes, such damage does happen. Sometimes. But in most cases, the authors of such phrases are simply too love to watch TV and spend time with pessimists and loafers. They are afraid to change something in their lives, afraid to lose some money, they can not bring myself to talk with officials. And, most importantly, they have a stable mindset of employees. These people believe that the formula for success is: "I must (should) apply for a job where you can work less and get more." With such a "success formula" people successfully and safely stuck in the swamp of mediocrity and its hopelessness.

I repeat: in most cases poverty (financial or mediocrity) is not the result of damage and not magical karmic tests, and one's own vices: fear, laziness, greed, and low self-esteem. Anyone who has achieved wealth, something that he gave in return. What is it? Their poverty! If you personally cherish it, well, that's your choice.

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