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Toasts For the money, wealth

Everyone knows what is best to have a sheepskin coat, fur-lined than the eye, a padded fist. For that life is not lined us both eyes, and in some eyes were slits.

There once was a very poor man. And he asked God for the ruble to buy bread. And God gave him irredeemable dollar: much he bought, and the ruble has remained in my pocket.

I'll drink to that, so in the pockets of us in the New Year were irredeemable convertible rubles!

Cleaning the room, the servant found the ruble andgave it to the owner.
- Since you're so honest, take it himself - he said.
A few days later the owner lost his gold pencil, and asked a servant if he could not find him in the room.
- Found - answered the servant. - But left himself for his honesty.
Let us drink in favor of less lost and more found!

I'll drink to ensure that our children have rich parents!

One day the wife says to her husband in the morning:
- Oh, my dear, I dreamed that you bought me a lovely cape.
- Go to sleep, my dear, may you dream on dream where I get the money, told her husband.
So let us drink in favor of our very good dreams come true!

Came a Frenchman, an Englishman and a Russian in one African tribe. The leader tells them: "Tell me some numbers. We do not know - let him go, we know - we will eat. " The Frenchman said: "Trillion". And they immediately replied: "A unit with twelve zeros" and ate him. The Englishman says, "quadrillion". They replied: "A unit with fifteen zeros" - and also eaten. The time has come Russian. He said: "Until x ...». Those thought and thought, nothing came up and asked him: "Listen, my friend, we'll let you go, even drove home, just tell me what is it?" - "Well, from you to Moscow, from Moscow to you, from you to Moscow, from Moscow to you, and so on ad infinitum. " Let us drink to that, so it bucks up to x ... to infinity.

A man buried in the ground a lot of gold and every day to the coveted position. One fox noticed it, she dug up the place, took the gold as well. instead he put the stone. When the owner of the treasure once again decided to test its safety, he saw only the gold instead of stone, and wept bitterly. Went up to him who stole the treasure, and asked why the tears pour.
- I buried the gold here, not wanting to spend it, - said miser. - And all the gold is stolen and replaced with the stone.
And he said to the thief:
- Why cry? Does it matter to you gold or stone in the ground, if you're not going to spend anything?
We lift as a toast to those who do not turn your equity into a kind of stone, and spend it on pleasure and benefit of their friends and family!

Got a tour on a high mountain. And the higher he climbed, the better it felt. He saw his mountain eagle, made one circle, the other a stone and began to peck rushed tour. Tour fell and crashed.
So here's to you, so nobody can pecked, how high we climbed no!

Fortune once decided to put on the table all their benefits - the crown, the big money, a marshal's baton, the glory - and summoned the wise man said: "Choose your benefit." He was not fussing, chose a middle ground. Let's drink to it!

So let our cups are not empty, we have a drink, fill and re-raising for it to ever care to completely washed away by want a living water!

I propose a toast to the hope. Man hopes to be earning lots of money. Woman hopes that sooner or later it will meet such a man. For. Hope! But if suddenly shattered hope is not lost - pick up the pieces.
So, still a hope!

That's what I feel right now? I feel as though I have added the salary and bonus was given, and so I drink to you!

Our life is like a copper penny, then you lose, you will find.
But, I confess, sometimes a penny not copper - gold. For the fact that although rare, but we beat accurately on target. During the meeting!

The philosopher Diogenes said: "To be rich and have lots of money - not the same thing. The truly rich who is satisfied with their lives. " Let's drink to our wealth!

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