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Pyramid schemes (MLM)

It will talk about the pyramids, namely, pyramid schemes (MLM). It really does not matter what the pyramid to use, but then I try to explain the very principles of bubbles, ie in some of them initially impossible to earn or .. or .. or .. Findings do give the reader.

To begin, perhaps with an explanation of what the majority of participants MlM-pyramids began their earnings on the Internet with systems hype and postmen. They work and earn first 20-30 cents a day and a desire to either increaseyour income comes pretty quickly. Well, that's earned a certain number of cents surfer and decided to try their luck in the financial pyramid. Webmaster of the pyramid is easier to establish an entrance fee of the order of 10-30 cents. In this scenario, it will be easier to find new members. Let me explain: it is easier to find 10 people willing to pay 20 cents than three are ready to invest a dollar, and that the network was working normally requires a constant influx of new members, and before entering into a pyramid think, and will, if you have the opportunity to attract new members? If not - start it makes no sense.
The pyramid must be published date of creation and the number of members. So, here is an example scheme for calculating the income of the participants (purely notional): Suppose there is a pyramid of 100 days and 500 people in it, and the entrance fee $ 1. Then the picture will be about this - divide 500 by three and get the number of active participants = approx. 170. Other new members who have no one caught, and now divide $ 500 by 170 participants and get more than a modest income an active participant. Of course having the opportunity to attract new people may find that an active participant drew 50% of all new members. But we also agreed, that the conclusions you do it yourself .....

Now let us consider the case where the incoming party pays not only for calling him a man, but the administration of the pyramid.
Admins convince you that you have to pay for hosting and advertising the project and the participants' web pages, pay and not think about anything that we have here? Now the trade-hosting with support for all necessary functions of the pyramid is a script to average 4-5 $ a month. Advertising - yes! But the admin does not care from whence cometh the new participant and who will pay to join. His they will receive in any way. If you are at least somewhat familiar with the principles of advertising, you will easily understand that these projects share of advertising administration - minuscule, the major advertising campaign crank members. You are certainly familiar with the referral system (transitions in your links) and I want to give a simple example: As above example for ease of account is a contribution of $ 1. Suppose the site of the pyramid comes 1,000 visitors a day. Of these, the project will take no more than 20. And we get 20 / 1000 = $ 0.02 This is Your Referral share, and for free referrals ... which you promised at the beginning and paid for that when joining .... At this rate you will receive one free Refal about a year. With an increasing number of participants increases (approximately in proportion) and the number of active participants, even though new projects to get more active closer to the top of a lot more, and the chances of "free" referrals will always be about the same. Everything here is quite arbitrary, because at different rates and different pyramids rules are slightly different, but a rough picture does not deviate from the truth by 10-15%
1. If the admin of the pyramid and take something from the participants for the automation of all processes, then this amount should not exceed 1% of the fee, or entrance fee for the next level in the pyramid - it does not matter.
2. As far as the payment of hosting .... Just tell you that advertising covers the cost of hosting at times .. or ten times, depending on the popular website.
3. Well pochemub or not charge you a fee for the host, and so then when you roll out and stand on his feet? So that by the end reach a few. Not because I do not want to, but because it was originally a pyramid principle .....

Now consider the pyramid scheme with the restriction on the levels. This is when you have to first referral level 3, 2-m-9, 3rd-27 4th-81 well, and all t.d.A pyramid designed in 1092 by a person and must be built on the idea of ??"Hurrah!" . Well here everything seems clear you need to find three, each of them had 3 and all of the beam and the nose of chocolate. There is, for a touchdown on the guilty look for other conditions for participation. Then you think that this will draw 3 and then let him who I was attracted to try. Figushki you, he has already made his, and spend their time and money is not going. But most interesting is that when you you get only part of the earned, and the rest is reserved for my account to buy the next level of participation in a pyramid. Here at the moment let's backup in greater detail
Are mean money in your account's (or rather in your purse admin) and waiting when the next line of your Referral filled completely, it completely! But there should be a slight digression

Ponzi scheme - a pyramid and not at all, but something like a tree that is growing still and everything else up roots. In general, you waste is another branch of the main stem. Some branches of your bitch just die out, because, as people often do not want to do the simplest things, and for this reason, do not die and then that branch, and trees. In this particular case I want to say that your bitch will never will grow to 700-800 people in the width, because break the chain of a large number of people - a piece of cake. For example - a complaint that a member spammer, it most likely will remove the site or close member of the pyramid is located on a free host like a 2x2. Because of all the rules of free hosts such forbidden topics and writing to support the site 100% covered.
And your money (some of them) all the time .... and set aside reserved ..... Get you have them? Well I think there is enough, if you're interested you can download and read a book about it. She caught me in six months ago and at that time helped to understand some things. No, not only about the pyramids, but generally that's what. Clearly what am I? We must think less, and to think - more. Good luck gentlemen web entrepreneurs.

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