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Cash 3 stages on the path to financial independence

So, let's look at these stages. First you need to decide how much money a month we now spend. This should be the sum, with which (per month) we will be able to live on the same level as this is now. Well, I like for myself, not as a married man, has determined that it would be $ 1000. This money is enough for me to live a month, while not denying his habits, go to the movies with a girl or sit at the bar with friends.

So, to know where the first point, you need to multiply that amount by 6. Inmy case it would be $ 1,000 * 6 = $ 6000. This is called financial security. You should definitely have this amount of money in the event of your dismissal of a crisis or any other reason that your income will not bring you more money. And if that happens suddenly, you have a "safety cushion", which you will be able to live another 6 months and easy to find a suitable source of income.

Ask yourself, you are now financially secure? If not, you need as soon as possible to buy this bag. Try to set aside more money, a little less afford to spend, deny yourself the pleasures of luxury. Put all waste at a time when you can not worry too much about your financial situation.

Our second control point - it's financial security. This is the amount that we will be having is not obliged to work. Just putting the money at interest, we will receive from her income and live on that money. To get the value of financial security, let's take the same amount that we need a month and multiply it by 150. In my case it would be: $ 1000 * 150 = 150 000 $. The number 150 is taken for a reason. If we put this money at least an 8% per annum in the bank, the year we will get this money, income: $ 150,000 * 0.08 = 12 000 $. In the year of 12 months, so that 12 000 $ / 12 = $ 1000. That is, having the amount of financial security, we will never work and live on the same level as now.

Financial independence - this is the last stage, the most enjoyable here need to determine the amount of money that is needed in order to live freely, no denying themselves nothing. Well, for example, let's take the $ 10 000. I think having such income on a monthly basis, you can live a very good level. We perform the same calculations, that is, multiplied by 150 (think again why take the number 150, do not need to explain): 10 000 * $ 150 = $ 1.5 million. This is 1.5 million dollars. This sum must possess in order to become financially independent, that is, live happily!

Your figures are, of course, may vary as a large, well down, because it all individually. But the approach outlined above, I believe, is worth attention.

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