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Person: Chichvarkin
Year of birth: 1974
Birthplace: Moscow
Started doing business: 17 years
First business: trading in the market
Core business: The company Euroset
Status: $
Marital Status: Married

Chichvarkin was born in 1974 in Moscow. In 1996 he graduated from the State Academy of Management, and the next year along with Timur Artemyev, the company created the famous "Euroset". Currently, the company includes some fourthousand mobile shops located in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and other countries. Evgeny Chichvarkin state now stands at several billion dollars.

In this Chichvarkin is totally different from a serious businessman - his extravagant image has long been a byword. Press gladly prints his pictures, television and invited to participate in various programs and television shows.

Biography of Eugene Chichvarkin is - he started in business right after high school. First sold in the market, but then I realized - for serious success to serious education. Thus was born the decision to enter the Academy of Management.
After successfully completing the Academy, together with partner Eugene opened his first shop selling mobile phones. Chichvarkin himself says that the idea to open a shop selling mobile phones owned by his companion, Timur Artemiev, he also did not care, what to sell, just to sell. Eugene liked the process of selling.

Started with a couple of shops, "Euroset" today - one of the largest retail companies. And one of the most famous. In particular thanks to outrageous marketing activities and advertising. "Euroset" - just the price of ... et. " Herr Chichvarkin their ads like that. "Nothing is funnier than the word" asshole "- he says.
However, for the realization of many ideas in the chapter "Euroset" has not yet hvataetvozmozhnostey. And a wealthy gentleman Chichvarkin not think so. Despite the success and prosperity of the company. "I'm not a rich man - he says .- I can see their neighbors - that they are rich. I want to be rich. Money - it's possible. Appears, for example, the ability to build toll roads, but no money. Or decide that the oil must be sold abroad, and by the use of nuclear energy, and you need to build nuclear power plants, because they were not built for 15 years. That this takes money. They are - a means. I do not have enough features yet, so I do not think I am a rich man.

Yes, the company has high turnover, but the company has been working for a small part, to be competitive. "

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