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How does a person become wealthy to the poor?

However, with one caveat, if the neighbor or co-worker not a millionaire, make money with its own ability to ... make money. But usually, people just jealous of this, but ask for advice is not addressed. Or do not want that, probably closer to the truth.

How to become rich (and thus desirable to be healthy and happy), everyone decides for himself. Or does not resolve, stuck in poverty, as in the swamp bog, and sinking into it more and more. This man, strangely enough, does not do anything to becomerich. "I do not live a rich, there is nothing to start," - sigh ... people are here. "Everything is against us in this world, how unfair!"

But the world is fair! If we turn to the Bible, which read in this "book of books"? "According to your faith and you will be rewarded!" The poor man can not imagine how it is - "be rich", but does not believe that he can be ... just a dollar millionaire.

Well, where do you start? On Faith. In fact, you too can do anything that the world is full of riches that you can make your own. We only need to believe. But just believe, IMHO, is not enough. We must also know the difference between a poor man's faith, which inevitably leads to poverty, and Vera rich, as inevitably leading to human wealth.

Well? Let's begin.

1.What is evident first of all? A poor man wants to become rich at once and, preferably, not doing anything. In a lottery win, inheritance get married (married out) "for cash" as a last resort. A rich ... The growing wealth of a farmer wheat, starting small, and does everything possible to "harvest" was a little more.

2. Related to the work of the poor and rich is also quite the opposite. The poor think that in order to become rich, you need to work harder .... Here's health and coffins for two, three, sometimes even more jobs. And sells the most precious thing he has - his time of life that never return. A rich? This "zhuchara" always tries to work less, and "grab" (in money, of course) more! Ideal - did not work at all, and the money to come to themselves, and every day more and more. Say, it does not happen ... Even as it happens! Even this is a scientific name - residual income. We just know how to do this and do ....

3. Poor people do not like "bother." Why "reinvent the wheel" when it would seem to do everything necessary so that "as it is accepted." Why? "Because everyone does it!" Yes ... the logic of steel! But the rich do not that familiar, or that everything is done, but that more money brings. And think, is trying to "twist" in general. They bought a bit cheaper than "all" here has sold slightly more expensive "all" look - at high volumes, these "little" in the millions submitted. And the rest - as sold in trays or trays on it and trade ... But "everything"!

4.Bedny man does what is "necessary" or "what they order." A rich ... "that I want." What do you love more than anything else? So think about how to sell "It" expensive!

5.Bedny pathologically afraid of responsibility. "Well, let boss thinks! And also the responsibility of taking over! And our job a little ... we'll see what happens. " Likewise, in business, most are afraid to lose and only a few plays to win, and take responsibility. And the win after all! And the rest ... sigh: "Lucky ..." Take responsibility! Let it come at you in the habit!

6.Kstati, another trait of wealthy people - he's not afraid to give up what do most disadvantageous to others, liberated while earning money. Next on the money "purchased" more workers, who bring more revenue. And so on to infinity. And poor? "If you want to do a good job - do it yourself!"

7. The poor always someone to blame. Listen to talk on the benches or grannies conversations in cheap beer ... Everything is to blame except himself the man! So where is he will be rich? Wealth comes to those who are strong in spirit, who change circumstances in his favor, no matter how adverse they may seem at first! Want to become rich? No problem - just becoming a man!

8. 'That's when I'll ... "- always comes up with this excuse themselves poor. And waiting ... for life! Favorable, ideal circumstances do not occur ever. What makes the rich? He begins to act, using what is, once the idea came to earn more. Why wait for you! Time - money!

9.Otnoshenie loans to the poor and the rich completely different! For the rich credit - the opportunity to earn extra money. And for the poor? Opportunity to spend money, not even earned!

10.Kstati, the question "Why do we need money?" Is unambiguous only for the poor. "Spend!" - Do not hesitate to answer poor. For a man rich in money - the universal tool of manipulation to which (except for trivial expenses) is very large, practically infinite. By the way, many poor people, winning big money in a lottery, usually "profukivayut" them ... well, very quickly. If such a "gift" to the rich man's fall, he will invest money so that they would bring a steady income for the rest of their lives. And even children and grandchildren ...

11.U you have a dream? If not, we must urgently come up with. Without a dream, you are drowning in a whirlpool of small things, not seeing the goal toward which to move. Do you already have a dream? Then we have to translate it into practice. And now! How? Well, at least tear the ass of the couch, her eyes from the TV and sketch plan for moving to your dream. Even the most exemplary. And then give yourself a terrible oath to translate this plan into action. Funny? But, you know, works!

12.Vremya rich and poor is also perceived differently. Poor looking for someone to sell their time, and a rich ... That's right, someone would buy it! Indeed, while more money! This will tell you any rich man. Learn how to buy time for money, but not vice versa! You can earn money always, but the time spent on nothing, will never be undone!

13.Slovo "freebie" (a more noble form "free") acts on the poor man's magic, because money is no need to pay. A wealth of know what is necessary to pay for everything ... and calculates where it "thrown" at those same free of charge. If you pay someone else, such as an advertiser, it will take advantage of this opportunity, and if so ... "interest free" credit in fact is usually much more honestly stated 25% per annum. Why? Because bankers also need to live, and if you fuckers who will loan interest only mad because he called the "interest free", it should be used! People, remember! "Free cheese only in a mousetrap!" Figured out a system found to be both cheat trap, go ahead. Can not - think about where you "throw". Nothing is free in the world is by definition!

14. Even the attitude of charity among the poor and the rich are different. Poor every penny pulls into his burrow, he in fact is never enough. True, to manage money so that they may bring profit, can not. A rich? Rich even spending on charity uses ... to become rich! Not only monetary, but also mentally and spiritually as well.

15. "Pay me now!" Poor people are always afraid of being cheated. What usually happens. After all, the poor can not protect themselves. Including those that used to "not bother" and "do everything". Rich, vice versa. If you can get additional income over time, such a person can not take the money and ask for help in a more serious case. "I like you, I will" - yet another formula of wealth. "After us the deluge" - another formula of poverty.

16. Difficulties temper. But not the poor! This poor fellow (see, the letter has changed, and the sense - not!) At the slightest difficulty folding legs and hides in a burrow. And as to deliberately go to meet the difficulties ... "No, no, thank you ... Fool No!" And here is a fool, came out to meet challenges and overcome them ... well, because most of these difficulties have been invented. "Lucky ..." - sigh ... again poor and hides in a burrow.

17.Otnoshenie to invest too directly opposed to the poor and the rich. Rather, the poor, even, perhaps, and there is no such thoughts - but put off investing. On loan to pay off ... And the rich always have the financial cushion for a rainy day, and the head always thinking, where would the money to invest, to a maximum return on them was.

18. If you kichites degrees, diplomas, etc., then most likely you - the person ... poor. Yes! The paradox, of course! But if you think that money will run to you just because 20 years ago you graduated from a prestigious university, you are deeply mistaken. Look around. Who earn real money - at times, hundreds of times more than you? We looked at? That's it!

19. The main principle of a rich man sounded more classic Marxism-Leninism. "Learn, learn, and learn!" You know, that asks for an interview when applying for a job ... Sergey Brin, sovdadelets "Google," one of the richest people in the world? "Tell me as fully as possible what I do not know. I'll give you five minutes. " When reporters asked his partner, Larry Page, Brin why spend your precious time "for such nonsense," Larry lost his temper: "Do you think that to learn new things - this is nonsense! This man can now leave here forever, and his knowledge as will forever be in my head Sergei. And, absolutely free! "Learn, learn and learn .... Not only acquire knowledge but also turns them into practical skills that can be sold. And by the way, all the while learning to sell more expensive. This is a useful skill ever!

20. How to buy ... and cheaper. Haggle! Nothing wrong with that, and to exchange their pride for money is very, very profitable!

As you see, become a rich man is not difficult. It is only necessary to change the thinking ... with the poor to the rich.

But this is usually the hardest to do!

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