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Take-all, - an action plan?

POVERTY already got?

Work hard to give, not satisfied with the income, the credits come on the heels, frequent quarrels with the environment, increasing depression, take-all? ... You know what I mean? Black bars are for each person, whatever he was not involved, so arranged ladder of life. But it is not diagnosed and not fate, it's just a "crisis point", which warns of future changes in your life, and these changes have only two directions - the aggravation of a negative situation or the rapidgrowth

"So, what can I do?" - Tell you - "after all I've got a lot of problems and there's no free time ... all the debts are rising and the prospects of any ... I was so hard ..." - STOP! Stop! Reject all negative thoughts and imagine this:

Morning. 12-00. You wake up slowly, your head is filled with only pure and positive thoughts, you gently open your eyes. The feeling of joy fills the new day your body, you smile. Stretching in its large and luxurious beds, you go to happy memories of yesterday: "... how good was yesterday night in Paris so amazing!". Quite slowly, you climb out of bed and doing their favorite procedure - admiring the sea view through the window the size of a wall. Knocking at your door mahogany butler says that your breakfast is ready, you are smiling again, because you just think about coffee. Delicious breakfast delicacies Mediterranean Sea and enjoy a delicious Brazilian coffee, you decide to ride on his Maybach in your central office, located in the heart of the city. Making sure that your business is in perfect condition - the pace of growth continues to accelerate, you decide to fly to Amsterdam in a day - one phone call and you're ready to fly away. "Life is beautiful!" - You think back and smile, you're happy ...
Life should be like that, and it will be that if you follow my example and start to act according to the plan step by step!


What do you really want?

What do you think, how to begin any successful business, any grand structure, any piece of art? All around us, from the smallest detail and to fly in space, everything had its origins in someone's thoughts and dreams. The world is filled with an abundance of everything that can bring people joy as the happiness and suffering, but the choice is only for you, which way to go and what to live. A situation in which you are now, was the result of your thoughts and actions in the past, and will only get worse in the future, if you will not change your lifestyle. Stop complaining about everything and everyone, take responsibility for themselves and start to think positively. Do not think about what you do not want, focus only on what they wish, because you want it or not, all you leverage what you think.


1) Dream! After all, dreams reveal the true needs and desires, which gives meaning your actions. Dream about your future, build a head of houses and castles, build and create, and the most interesting record in the "diary of desires" *.

2) Aim! As with any arrow needs a target, you need a clear goal and dated. Write in my journal everything that you want to have in a year, including an exact figure in terms of money, you count, add up all their material needs. Do not be afraid to put his big goals, but do not write something in that you can not believe it.

Make it mandatory, because without this step, all further actions will be your useless!


What do you believe?

Everything works, what you believe. It would not have wanted to be lucky, if you believe otherwise, then you are just lucky to be invisible. And good luck and fortune will not leave you just because of their beliefs and practices themselves turn away from good opportunities and ideas, and once again reaffirming its bad karma. If you think that money just gets the hard work that you all will be so, but from the quick and easy money You give up, coming up with various excuses to type: "it's not for me", "this is another scam", "y I do not have time to do it, "etc. Allow yourself to believe only in positive beliefs for you, do not invent themselves negative sayings about black cats, ladders and spilled salt, think in accordance with their dreams, always be positive. Listen to the advice of successful and positive people, because only they can help you rise above.


1) Make a list of more than 50 options for all kinds of money coming into your life in his diary. Write to all channels without exception, including gifts, lotteries, and any other findings, even the most incredible to you. If its not enough options, use search engines on the Internet, writing the following keywords: "easy money, money, work, profitable ideas, new business, how to earn money, extra income, etc."

2) Write down a few (3-5 pcs.) Strongest positive belief, which has the hero of your dreams, for example: "The money coming to me easily and from anywhere." "My earnings are growing by the day." "I love myself and world and the world loves me. "" The money I give comfort, joy and freedom. "" I am successful and strong person. "" I have a divine force of will. "" I am doomed to success. "(in search engines write the word "best affirmation"). Every day, repeat each of them at least 30 times over no less than 21 days, if possible, in a voice and a mirror.

Faith can move mountains, not to mention the attraction of wealth. Believe in yourself and your future success and they certainly will please you. Be strong in your endeavors, never give up and do not depart from the path to the dream.


What exactly do you do?

What do you spend most of their time? To overcome the current problems, or possible solution to a very serious question? Are they really so serious, so important and significant? My opinion is that it is only important that makes your life and the lives of people close to you better than all the others - it is a waste of time and effort. Tekuchek decision - it's a vicious cycle, once in which a person can not overcome the problem by staying on the same level in which it was created, because instead of every decision, there will be two new again. These difficulties can be solved, only to rise above them, and then they lose their power on their own. Do not let the problems of control over their lives and times, better pay his true goals and dreams.


1) So, before you have to lie diary the following topics:
- A list of affirmations - positive your belief and installation (3-5 key, which should be repeated daily for a minimum of 21 days);
- Diary of desires - a list of all your material needs with an estimated price equivalent (amended and revised as the desired and the emergence of new needs);
- Journal of goals - a description of your material through the future year, summarized the specific monetary sumoy;
- A list of money channels - a list of more than 50-D versions of all sorts of parishes of money into your life.

2) In the attached file below you will find a table where you want to make your money goal for the coming year. After entering this number, the program will make all the necessary mistakes and bring your business plan for 1 year. The idea of ??this plan is that you will need to earn to receive a daily basis, a minimum sum, that each day will grow by 3%, and you'll need to set aside at least a third of their daily wage. Thus, you can collect for the year you require capital, while not particularly straining. You will understand themselves, examining in detail the resulting business plan. This plan should be printed and pasted in the journal purposes, and the passage of each stage of the tick mark in the left column.


Do not forget that any success includes three main components - a true desire, unwavering faith and purposeful action. Can be long and tedious question, but you can just do it. Expect from the Sea weather - it's not mine, I decided to act and what you want? Want to be rich, so make yourself as!


On your marks ... attention ... MARCH!
If random, in different countries and social circles, to allocate 100 people and examine their biographies, you will learn the following:
One of them - very rich;
4 of them - financially independent;
5 of them - have died;
36 of them - are forced to work;
54 of them - financially dependent.
Why, only 5 out of 100 people seeking material success in what is their secret? Maybe it was fate so decreed, and maybe they just lucky? Yes, that's lucky! What is luck? Good luck - it's just some lucky cases that occur with the same person. What do you think of how to increase the number of happy events? Of course, the desire and action, and the only way! Nothing happens just like that, everything is the result of previous thoughts and actions, a man chooses his path and he runs his life. Choose your path, and that it had not been going on around you, never give up!

Do not forget that your future depends on you. Each day a new resident at least for a little bit better than yesterday, and after a while you'll be amazed at their accomplishments. Rejoice and enjoy what you have now, and life opens up a door to the world of happiness and earthly goods. Do not hesitate and do not hesitate to get busy right now, it's your time, and now it works for you.
I sincerely wish you all to realize their dreams.
Full speed ahead!

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