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Posutochny business

As far as this is a profitable event and the difficulties that await him who decided to host figured out D '

Deficit and the high cost of hotels in the capital and other major cities have daily rent for visiting one of the most convenient options for temporary accommodation. The paradox, but rent a flat with kitchen and everything needed for life is worth less than a decent hotel room. Demand, of course, spurs and a proposal. So is it any wonder that the short-term renting apartments are engagedmore and more private investors have in their arsenal of one single "odnushku", and specialized companies offering to customers in addition to a dozen or more additional service apartments in the capital abound. The days when the only realtor who give 'apartment the night ", Grandma was at the station, passed.

Rent with no future

"For the price the cost of rent flats handed over similar or cheaper than a hotel room the appropriate level. The difference can reach 20-30%, - says Dmitry Taganov, head of the analytical center of the company "Inkom-real estate." - Also available in the tourist or business trip, arrived in the capital for several days, is a fully equipped kitchen where you can cook dinner or dinner on their own. And when placed in a hotel every time will have to either leave a lot of money in a restaurant, or looking for a decent cafe or restaurant nearby. And not the fact that worthy institution will be in two steps. "The hotel will pay for each additional service - washing and ironing a shirt, shoes care, etc. At the same rent an apartment donated, no one will bring an additional account for the fact that the employer used the iron, washing machine or a brush for shoes.

As for the landlord, for him the main advantage of the short-term business - an opportunity at any time without prejudice "to withdraw from the project." For example, if the apartment is needed for personal use - residence of the owner himself, his children or parents, the landlord is no need to wait several months before the end an agreement with the tenant, as often happens with long-term lease. Moreover, the lease for a long time often provides for the payment of penalties for employers in the event that it breaks through the fault of the landlord. Renters same apartments are rarely colonized longer than ten days.

Rent it makes sense if you intend to sell the apartment. The exposure time of apartments can take several months, especially now that the demand for liquid housing even at extremely low levels, but do not lose money on the same case, idle waiting for a buyer apartment. Daily delivery will enable the facility to organize demonstrations at almost any time, with the same long-term lease will have to coordinate their visits with residents. Also, "business for a day" is justified as an option to diversify. If you have a property there are two or more apartments, it is advisable to take one of them for a long time, and another - by the day. Especially in Moscow tourism seasonality is less pronounced, and the flow of visitors is stable all year round.

At first glance, rent is even more profitable than long-term. "The cost of a small two-room apartment of economy-with good cosmetic repairs, necessary appliances and furniture will be around 3-4 thousand rubles. per day. It turns out that at the time of this apartment for 20 days a month you can count on an income of 60-80 thousand rubles. While long-term lease at its cost will be around 35-45 thousand rubles. per month "- gives an example of Dmitry Taganov. In the recent market rates for long-term lease steadily declining, and the profitability of it today does not exceed 4-5%.

No guarantees or insurance

But to say that the business of rental housing in the short term is simple, it is impossible. Since it is related to more problems than it seems at first glance. The main problem of rent a landlord - the lack of guaranteed income. In the long-term lease enough once to find a client to sign a contract - and can be a year to live quietly, getting a stable monthly income. And in the case of short-term search for new guests is the time.

Dmitry K. decided to take the fall his apartment in downtown St. Petersburg apartments. And on own experience that this business practice is not income, as it seems in theory. "When I took her on long-term contract, I have always been guaranteed 30 thousand rubles. per month. Now, more hassle and less return, "- he says. Month to month is not necessary. Once Dmitry lucky: apartment rented for 20 days a single family, which in his own house to make repairs, and as it dragged on, they had yet to extend the lease for the same period. But this was an isolated case. The rest of the apartment occupied by an average of ten days per month. "However, there are quite objective reasons. Firstly, the winter tourist season, not to St. Petersburg. Secondly, the crisis. The main contingent of customers - tourists and business trips, and the number of both in recent months has reduced considerably ", - says Dmitry.

Manager rental housing stock company "Petersburg real estate," said Svetlana Aleksashin that demand for housing for rent uneven and indeed to a large extent depends on the season: "Before the New Year was willing enough to rent an apartment for a few days: many people from other cities come to your friends relatives, to spend the holidays. Now on the market of daily rent of a lull, but it is traditional for this time of year. Revival, as always, will come in May-June: White Nights season attracts tourists to the city on the Neva. " True, in recent years competition in the market of daily rent is even harder: there are numerous mini-hotels, and many visitors prefer this segment of the apartments.

Of course there are alternative ways to better ensure a steady stream of tenants. But this is the options for an amateur. You can, for example, rent an apartment by holding celebrations and parties - for such a purpose in convenient areas of real estate are always in demand. But one needs to realize what the consequences might be for the state of the apartment. No, paying the money, there will be careful with the property owners. Another option - rent apartments for employees sphere of leisure. It also ensures a steady income. "But these apartments deteriorating rapidly - says one of the landlords. - In addition, when the apartment is located in a decent house, does not want to spoil relations with its neighbors. "

The constant search for customers is not the only problem is waiting for the landlord. Apartment to be submitted by the day, requires much more attention. After each client hosts must include the full house in order, clean, provide fresh linens, etc. In addition, these objects more quickly lose their form. "Our guests are constantly changing, and not the fact that they are all very kind to the new furniture and household appliances. Therefore, the owner of apartments are much more likely to have to make cosmetic repairs, than in an apartment donated for the long term. And to pay for insurance against the risk of harm ", - says Dmitry Taganov. True, as noted by St. Petersburg Dmitry K. landlord, buying too much insurance a luxury or a UK refuse to insure such an apartment, or wring too high tariffs.

In the short-term lease to run higher risk of fraud or crime. This experience has been and Dmitri K. New Year's Eve he came to visit the apartment that was vacant at this time, but found that he could not get inside: a key for some reason did not fit the lock. Looking at the door, Dmitry found that the lock is simply replaced. I had to call rescuers, who opened the door and let the legal owner. Once inside the apartment, found a lot of other people's Dmitry things dressed Christmas tree, a bottle of alcohol - in short, are clear signs that the apartment is habitable. After some time, appeared a new "tenant", which met this landlord perturbed questions about the causes of last residence in the territory of another's apartments. It turned out that he rented the apartment through a real estate agency and paid for the three months immediately ahead. Gradually came to light and the details of fraud: just before New Year's apartment for a few days removed a woman arrived, she said, out of Sochi. For such a short time she managed to make duplicate keys, and after his official "departure," she returned, changed the lock and under the guise of real estate manager has agreed to surrender the apartment to another person. Made him an advance payment - and disappeared in an unknown direction.

Dmitry lucky illegal tenant vacated the apartment without pretension, and, in time and nerves, the owner has not suffered any losses. But in another scenario, crook and could not tinker with the retake, but simply to make the house all the valuable property and equipment. To minimize risks, should at least make a copy of passport client, but this does not insure you against fraud by 100%.

Confidence or independence?

If you want to take my apartment, before you two choices: to pass an apartment in the trust or estate agency engaged in the delivery of its own.

If you trust the one hand, the owner free of all trouble. On the other - there is a risk of fraud by real estate agents. Agents can simply cheat, understated the number of days during which the apartment give up, and part of the income to keep himself. Are not going to go the same day to the apartment and checked.

If you take matters into their own hands, to find customers will have to draw the maximum number of channels of information. However, it is not too difficult. It is necessary to type in "Yandex", or any other search engine the words "rent" - and immediately in front of you to choose from dozens of sites open agencies offering apartments for rent. Almost all of them work together and with owners of apartments. You will need to make a standard description of the proposed housing, provide all of its key parameters and make some photos (kitchen, bathroom and bedroom). Pictures and descriptions are posted on the agency's website. Owner of the apartment shows how much he would like for the day, and realtors add their numbers on top of this cheat. For example, if the apartment is from "master" is worth 2 thousand rubles., The agency will put her over 2.5-3 thousand in this case deception on the part of brokers is hardly possible, since the agency plays a critical role as a link. It sends the customer, and already in contact with him directly landlord: for him, and show the apartment and change of linen, and cleaning, and best of all - getting paid. Then he gives the commission the agency.

If you have multiple apartments rent becomes a full-fledged business that requires not only the initial investment, but also recurrent expenditures. Necessary or will be outsourced cleaning services, or create their own unit operation, which will take the cleaning of apartments, laundry and linen, minor repairs, etc. In addition to the staff accountant is also required. Need to establish relationships with people who can resolve any situation of conflict with residents. An important element of this business is the creation and promotion of effective site on the Internet. "It looks very easy, but in practice it may be vice versa. In the process of established business relationships with certain organizations, such as with the offices of Western companies, resulting in this business is becoming more stable and secure. Moreover, you can get and extra income through the provision of related services: transportation, tourism, etc. "- says the managing director of« Century 21 West "Eugene Skomorovsky.

Half the battle

Not every apartment will give equally successful. There are a number of parameters that would depend on its relevance to potential tenants. First, it is important to the location of such housing. "For the short-term rentals are in demand especially small apartments in the Central district of Moscow, for example in Stalin's homes. Also popular areas that are large-scale exhibition centers, "- said the head of the Department for an exclusive lease luxury apartments Penny Lane Realty, Vadim Lamin. There remains an important option, "the pedestrian subway accessibility" - the same way as the purchase or long lease.

If the apartment is to be submitted for the long term, may be minimally furnished, in the case of short-term rental of a room will not work. There must be all in order to provide residents a comfortable alternative to a hotel room. A person arriving at the hotel, does not care to bring soap, towels, toothpaste, underwear. All of this he gets on the spot. Long term lease to ensure that the same thing.

The room should be comfortable wardrobe and bed. Necessarily need a kitchen equipped with fridge, kettle and microwave. The latter - a required element, than plate. "Few of the visitors engaged in a serious cook. They either eat in cafes, or prefer to buy ready meals and reheat it ", - says Sergey realtor. The room is necessary to have a TV also recently become popular DVD-Player. These little things often play an important role, especially as competition in the market of daily rent is high and the price difference is almost not observed.

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