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Why use credit cards - wrong

As you know, I do not use credit cards. Moreover, I have them even never existed. What is it - the inability to enjoy the "benefits" of financial development of society or something else?
Let me explain. It's very simple.

What do the fans of credit cards, when they explain the benefits? They say, "if I need to buy something, but no money, it's very convenient to use the money of the bank and buy what I need." And then they often slyly added, "but due to the fact that my card has a 30-day grace-period,I can safely buy everything and pay back with all the money before they can be assessed for interest."

I suppose that someone of you, dear readers, it's not like it, but none the less. I believe that if a person needs to buy something, but the money he had on this thing no, it does not mean that he is so smart - find easy way out and a suitable financial instrument for the solution of their difficulties, but only that he did not know how to manage their money.

After all, if the money had something on there, it means one of two things:

The first man was unable to build its budget to carve out money for the right thing.

Believe me, when the ability to conduct its financial affairs properly you can learn to fly a lot, even with very modest budget - only a properly allocate their money between different groups of waste and reducing the costs of those that are unreasonably inflated.

It is therefore very important to pay particular attention to this in your financial life.

Second, a person buys a thing that he simply has not earned.

Sometimes it is very sad to see people who get very little money, with all sides hung loans, but at the same time to buy, such as expensive watches, to afford that they now can not.

Really expensive things makes sense to buy only if your income allows you to maintain a lifestyle that involves these things - for example, the same expensive watch.

And then the big question - Is it worth it.

If you watch an interesting story about how many hours are the same Patriarch Cyril (answer: the classical model of Breguet, costs from 26,000 to 34,000 euros), you probably know how many there are, for example, watch Barack Obama - something of the order of 325 dollars.

Can he afford to buy something expensive? I suppose so. Does he have a lot of debt and in the order if his financial affairs? I think that is fine.

Unfortunately, many people who have no financial means "beautiful life" pretty strong cravings if not to live as they dream of, then at least look that way.

And the consequence of the desire to seem not who you really are, we all know. Unwitting deception (and indeed, self-deception) will be revealed sooner or later, but pay for the huge and totally unnecessary accounts still have. Do I have it for you? This question everyone is responsible for himself. And in line with the answer and looks his wallet ...

I'll try to stop time and finally have time to say a few words before I fly to the rotten tomatoes. :)

In fairness it should be noted that in some cases credit cards are needed.

At random can call the following: If you are traveling abroad, you do money matters it is really convenient - no need to carry a large amount of money, so you can always withdraw the necessary amount from the account.

If you know of any other situation - please share them in the comments.

But even here, with inherent tediousness me, I'll add a few words: when you take money from the card abroad, you will not necessarily use a credit card as a credit - you can use it as a debit.

In other words, if you put yourself in the necessary amount of travel on the map, you start to spend their own money, not borrowed. That is, and here, plus credit cards and a plus, by and large, can not be considered ...

What The bottom line?

In fact, a credit card (gold, platinum, etc.) can sometimes be not so much a sign of financial well-being and prosperity, as the opposite - a sign of trouble. Because if you do not have the money even with a high income, you must work at least with a budget, and on good terms - with a specialist who can identify these financial discrepancies and correct them.

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